Consultation Minutes
Meeting held on October 15th, 2014 @ 10:30 hours
280 Progress Boardroom

Jan Mullett M. Duquette
Glenn Ramlochan Joanne Hartanu
Julie Parent Christian Wittich
Katie Nicholson Learie Charles
John Sullivan Derek Richmond
Penny Comport Chris
Raj Paul Ken Davidson
George Pratt
Metro Toronto East Ops/Scarborough Local C.U.P.W.

Monthly Consultation (RSMC)

Held on

February 16, 2005


280 Progress Ave



L. Anastasi M. Duquette D. Beardmore H. Leslie J. Connery G. Miller H. Hewitt K. Davidson L. Charles

Old Business


Union: RSMC are still being told to take householders home for preparation, because there is not enough room in the station. This has to stop; you may find yourselves liable if any of these employees hurt themselves while they are preparing householders at home as they were told. There has to be a permanent solution to this problem. Can you not delay the arrival of some of this product?

Mgmt: This practice is not our policy. We are working on a solution to this problem. Most of the products come in from local operators; we are unable to control the arrival.

Relief Pool

Union: What is the status of the relief pool proposal?

Mgmt: This is presently being discussed at the national level; a decision is expected in the near future.


Union: RSMC(s) are getting larger and more parcels, what has been done to address this issue?

Mgmt: Handcarts should be available in the depots to help with the loads. Log sheets must be completed by the RSMC(s) to ensure that they are getting the correct value when their annual inspection is done.

Union: Parcels are not being sorted for the RSMC(s) at some depots; they are being told that they must get the parcels themselves from the monos. This is not their function.

Mgmt: The stations involved will be directed to have this mail sorted for the RSMC(s).

Union: RSMC(s) are receiving unaddressed admail unfolded, while letter carrier in the same station are receiving their product folded.

Mgmt: The unaddressed admail standards for letter carriers and RSMC are not the same.


Union: An issue has come up where RSMC(s) are being told to provide a name of a second replacement in the event of an absence.

Mgmt: This situation applies in an office where several RSMC(s) are sharing one replacement. Each RSMC(s) is responsible for having a designated replacement in the event of an absence.

Meeting adjourned

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All Present

Information Books ( RSMC Offices only)

P. Mulvihill - Manager L.R. Central Region

G. Deveau, - National Director, Ontario Region C.U.P.W.

S. Bordeleau - Manager L.R RSMC

J. Wellsbury - Manager Delivery Services