Metro Toronto Delivery, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday February 16, 2005
280n Progress Ave, Scarborough On

L. Anastasi M. Duquette
S. Simpson L. Charles
D. Beardmore G. Tomaszewski
A. Ilic K. Davidson
C. Samonte G. Miller
D. Kane H. Leslie
J. Connery

Clarification of 54 meetings - It seems that some confusion occurred with respect to the 54 meetings, these were not rescheduled, however only Zone 6 took place. Arrangements will be made to hold these meetings on Feb 23, 05

Previous Issues

Payroll Presentation

The presentation will be made at the March meeting.

D. Kane, Payroll Ops Manager, advised that the changes made from the meeting of last week would be on the employees paycheques in pay period 4.

The Union raised the concern that the same exercise was conducted last pay period and were tols payment was to be on pay period 3, and that did not happen.

D. Kane advised that he has enlisted the assistance of Ottawa to search back all transactions back to Sept ’04. The Corporation is determined to resolve the pay problems at 1860 Midland.

The Union in also concerned about the quota’s for those employee’s promoted from part-time to full- time. These employee’s are earning leave yet quotas are not reflected and it results in loss of pay if the leave is taken.

The Corporation advised this will be resolved.

The Union enquired as any problems with T 4’s, as some employees have not received theirs.

D. Kane advised that he was not aware of any problems; however those that may have required some adjustments were on a second run and would therefore be sent later than most. Mr Kane also reminded the Union that the ETB amounts would reflect in the T 4’s and anyone would forwarded money to an RRSP would see the deduction in filling in the appropriate section of the form. The payment was salary in the tax year 2004 even though some may have been placed directly into an employee’s RRSP account.

Meal On Route

The Corporation responded to the Union’s concern from last month with respect to the safety committee’s inspection of Meal on route locations, The Canada Labour Code part II section 135.1 refers to locations under the employer’s control, which these locations are not.

The Union asked if the owners of the locations are being advised that these facilities are being used, further the Union enquired as to how employees were to keep food cold or if need be to heat it while on the route.

The Corporation will respond to these questions.                   Delivery Support / L.R.

The Union also raised a concern that employees are returning PCI items to the stn and not the Call-for location in cases of a flex lunch being taken.

The Corporation advised that the employees are prohibited from returning PCI’s as the shuttles are in place to the call for’s to maintain service standards. Routes are not affected in any way.

WSIB Claims

The Union advised that since last month twenty-six (26) forms were received, of these thirteen (13) were filed late. This is worse than when we raised the issue.

The Corporation understands that the responsibility is with the representatives of the Corporation and will address these concerns with the stations and O.H. S. & E.

Random Numbers

The Corporation advised that J. Best, Officer Employee Relations is still working on this issue

The Union requested a copy of the seniority list once the changes have been completed.

The Corporation will provide                             Employee Relations

Employees not being offered Modified Duties

The Union still has concerns with this issue.

The Corporation is not aware of any circumstances where this has occurred.

The Union agreed that this issue may be resolved, however under new business will be raising another concern.

Bidding with Art 54 restrictions

The Union acknowledged receipt of the letters as per last months meeting, what is the status of the employees.

The Corporation advised the employee in Zone 5 did not in fact have any restrictions and was awarded the position, the employee in Zone 6 is still to be reviewed; has not moved at this time. There is still one issue in Zone 7, once it is determined that the new route is identical in functions to the prior route the bid will proceed. If it is not then the employee will remain in the previous position.

The Union would like to suggest that Art meetings be held after the walk bid posting.

The Corporation to respond                                Zone Managers

The Union would also suggest that for those stns under restructure a notation be placed on the top of the page concerning bidding rights following the completion of the restructure, we recognize that a preamble is made in the cover page, however not everyone reads that cover page in it’s entirety .

The Corporation will make every effort to do so from hence forth. Employee Relations

Delivery of overweight parcels

The Union is concerned with the Corporations position in this matter, in the event that an item is not successfully delivered how would a driver return the item to the back of the vehicle. We feel that a helper is the best solution to this and other problems.

The Corporation will respond.                            Labour Relations / O.H.S.& E.

Priority Staffing at Scarborough F

The Union raised a concern with respect to the staffing of the L.C.A. and M.L.C. at this facility. Feel that art 52 should be applied in all cases.

The Corporation responded that with respect to the LCA only certain duties fall under the definition in art 52 as a priority assignment, as such the practice will not change where an absence takes place and no relief on site due to starting time schedules. We agree that the MLC assignments should be treated as a priority assignment and covered by available relief to avoid unnecessary delays in relay dispatches to the street.

Bar Chart

The Union advised that the receipt of the monthly bar charts is improving however some are being received a day before the monthly meetings.

The Corporation will re-enforce the requirement to have the charts completed and forwarded to the Union by the end of the first week of the new month.                      Zone Mgrs

New Business

Health and Safety Tours

The Union wished to raised the concern at this meeting with respect to the submission of the monthly tours, find that most stns are not in compliance.

The Corporation will re-enforce the requirement of these reports to be completed on the last Friday of each month Zone Mgrs

Schedule change for PO 4’s at Scarborough C and D

The Corporation enquired if the Union was in receipt of the letter requesting consultation in this matter.

The Union indicated that no letter has been received.

The Corporation will follow up with the Superintendent and send the letter if the schedule is to change.

Kates ( Regular) Decision – Re: Recovery of wages / Modified duties

The Union wishes to raise the issue that in light of Mr Kates decision in supporting the recovery of wages under the previous agreement for claims made under the previous agreement that the Corporation will also honour those terms and not recover wages where an appeal is pending.

The Corporation advised that in those situations we will abide to the terms of the previous agreement where an appeal is still pending.

The Union wishes to put the Corporation on notice that effective immediately consultation must take place prior to placing any group 2 employee into a group 1 position. ( Swan award ). Also it is our position that these employees can only be placed in a vacancy or absence, as per art 54, and not used to supplement the workforce.

The Corporation asked as to how the Union wishes to consult, by formal invitation or by phone.

The Union suggest that we schedule a separate meeting to work out a process.

                                                                                   Zone Managers

Selection of Assignments: Article 17.04 and 17.05

The Union raised a concern that the selection process is not being followed in all locations, request that the procedure be included in the minutes. In some locations employees are picking one (1) quarter and then given a second quarter after others have selected. The Union is also concerned that some locations use a sort only split.

The Corporation agrees that there is no sort only split, however this is usually an agreement between those accepting a route, and as long as it is agreed upon and the route meets it’s delivery commitment we will not interfere. If however one of the employee’s is not in agreement the route will be split into equal sections including sort and delivery of the sections.

Selection of assignments for incentive overtime as per Article 17.05 of the current collective agreement. ( Page 120)

The number of volunteers available will determine the number of hours that will be assigned.

When there are four (4),three (3), or two (2) fulltime volunteers to cover a fulltime assignment, the assignment shall be split into four (4) one hour(1) forty five (45) minute portions, three(3) two(2) hour and twenty (20) minute portions or two (2) three (3) hour and thirty (30) minute portions respectively…

When taken in conjunction with article 17.04 (e) page 120, this means that once it is determined the number of splits the senior volunteer selects his hours and on which assignment, in the event that more than one (1) is available .

Routes are not automatically split into 4 sections allowing the senior person to select one (1) quarter and then on a second pick an additional portion on the same or different route. Should the senior employee wish three(3) and half (1/2) hrs of overtime and the number of volunteers requires routes be divided into halves, they must select it at the first opportunity for selection on the same route. These rules apply the same for routes being divided into thirds.

As an example, you have two (2) routes to cover and you canvass and have seven (7) volunteers. This means one route is divided into fourths and one into thirds. In this case the senior volunteer selects either a fourth or a third and on which route they want it, thus the routes are divided accordingly.

Dress Code

The Union raised a concern with respect to the current television commercial being run as the employee in the ad is not in compliance to the dress code as outlined in the letter sent to the National Union.

The Corporation will advise Corporate Communications of your concern. S. Lewis

Non CPC products handled by letter carriers

The Union raised a concern that M.L.C / MMC’s and MSC’are being given other companies products that are for return.

The Corporation advised that we will rate this items for return, to the sender as insufficient postage. This is no different than items placed in SLB’s. It actually heightens our presence in the courier business if we return the items when the senders courier would not. Good promotion for future business.

Second file being created by Supervisor’s

The Union advised that a customer log was being maintained by route at the letter carriers case, suggest this is a second file as per art 10.02

The Corporation’s response was that this is not part of the personal file and in fact is documentation on the route held for administrative purposes. Agree the log should not be placed at the L.C but maintained in the office.

Depot 4 Restructure

The Union raised it’s concern over this restructure, seems to be some confusion as some of the values for certain functions. We understand that no routes are being created due to this confusion.

The Zone Manager will investigate and respond                       L. Anastasi

Double Stacked Mono’s

The Union raised a concern that some facilities are receiving double stacked mono’s where they have no stacker to breakdown. Further this means that the MSC must be using a hand cart to offload from the vehicle.

The Corporation will investigate.

New Vehicles

The Union requested training on the new Ford panel vans, also requested training on the new locking system.

The Corporation advised that no training is required on these vehicles, the only difference is the fact of the windows. Mirrors are still required to be used in all vehicles. With respect to the new locking system, instruction sheets will be placed in each vehicle. Training on the use of a key fob is not required.

The Union raised it’s concern with the pedal placement in these vehicles, feel inadequate spacing between the gas and brake.

The Corporation advised this was a National purchase and these vehicles must meet safety standards.

The Union also raised a concern with the need for employee’s to initial receipt of the bulletin regarding the Ford vehicles.

The Corporation did not force anyone to initial, if the employee did not wish to do the supervisor initialed that bulletin was provided to the employee.

The Union raised a concern with expired VOP’s and issuance of emergency VOP’s to employees.

The Corporation will advise Driver Training                           B. Swan


The Corporation asked if the Union was in receipt of the letter from P. Dyck regarding the Stouffville schedule.

The Union acknowledged receipt.


The Union advised that it was seeking additional relief at YDC based on the ratio for minimum relief.

As no representative available will forward concern.                   C. Ciallella

Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting : Wednesday March 09,2005 at 10:00, 280 Progress Ave

Distribution : ( Via EMAIL)

All Present

J. Wozney, Director Delivery Support

B. Swan, Officer Driver Training

C. Ciallella, Director, Operations Improvement

G. Deveau, National Director CUPW Ontario Region

P. Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations Central Region

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations National

C. Mclachlan, Manager, O.H.S.& E.

J. Best. Officer, Employee Relations

Information Books, Scarborough Local Stns.