DATE OF MEETING: February 8th, 2005

R. Gualtieri M. Duquette
C. Ciallella D. Burke
D. Racioppa S. Thomas
D. Jones L. Charles
S. Dyment T. Parks
A. Ilic D. Lafleur
S. Samonte D. Duncan
D. Daniels L. Charles
B. Masternik
H. Bigras

Parcel Delivery Model (YDC Restructuring)

CUPW provided list of concerns that were discussed as follows:

1) Tour sheets do not carry enough information for the workers – in particular first page.

CUPW: Would like to see the Corporation use the cover page we developed that is more detailed.

CPC: Please provide. We will review. Do not foresee problem with using this new cover page. May require assistance from observers.

CUPW: Yes.

2) Split shifts can we get some information – how many and why? – did they solve the problem?

CUPW: We don’t think the split shifts will address the issues with freighter and p.m. Priority Courier arrives at 0900 but the trucks are loaded at 0700.

CPC: PDSL does not do everything. MSCs should take the P.C. that is on the racks as it is done at 1 Yonge and WPDH.

CUPW: The MSCs don’t get their manifests with their keys. They are on the trucks.

CPC: We will ask the Supervisors to provide printout to the MSCs with their keys.

CUPW: PDSL already assigns MSCs with more than their quotas. How could they now also take P.C.?

CPC: The tours are built by available delivery time. We will have to look at loading below quota in order to allow room for the P.C. items. It would be a valuable exercise to look at historical data for each tour to determine where to set the ceiling for the quotas in order to accommodate delivery of the P.C. items.

CUPW: Agrees.

3) Part time tours have incorrect work associated with the tours. For instance beginning at 1439 and asking them to do 1430 clearances.

CUPW: The time for clearance should be 1700 (tours 352, 354 and 450). Will review FT tour sheets next and advise if this mistake occurs on these as well.

CPC: Will review, it is in fact a mistake.

4) Time to clear RPOs and to deliver carded items to RPOs – have they been changed according to the agreement from December to correct them?

CUPW: MSCs are going to 3-4 RPOs when their tours are valued for 1-2.

CPC: This issue cannot be addressed locally. National is reviewing. It is a fixed value based on an average.

CUPW: It is still causing problems because MSCs cannot necessarily deliver their whole load when their tour is not valued for extra RPOs. We need to identify the problem tours.

CPC: We also need to identify how often and how big the problem is. The MSCs must advise their Supervisor immediately upon their return, the reason for which they have not delivered everything. This would enable us to identify and address problems. We must document issues.

CUPW: We had a process in place during the first 2 weeks of implementation. Why are we not doing it still?

CPC: We will form a group of people who will meet regularly to discuss all PDSL related issues to reduce the frustrations and correct the problems. There exists a disconnect between Supervisors on different shifts.

5) Radio calls – how have they been set up and have they been corrected?

CUPW: The radio room supervisor is not assigning on-demand pick-up calls correctly. MSCs are going to vastly different areas.

CPC: We will review the process, with observers, to ensure they are done correctly.

6) No structured parcels in unassigned time or as directed time – other duties can be done but not structured parcels.

CUPW: It is our National’s position that no structured parcels can be assigned to employees in their “unassigned” or “as directed” time. They can do pick-ups…

CPC: We will review our position with our National. PDSL does assign structured parcels to the unassigned portion of an MSCs tour but not to the unscheduled time. Ask that you clarify wit your National.

7) How are the drive times set is there is no defined delivery area? From last delivery to first pick-up times are varied. How did you arrive at a time when you are saying that there is no designated area?

CUPW: MSCs are told that they do not have a delivery area, that they are assigned to the loop.

CPC: This has been addressed – MSCs do have a delivery area. The difficulty is that when the variables are not constant the delivery areas will change. The first person in the loop will invariably have the same sequence to deliver but everyone else will vary.

CUPW: We understand this but MSCs are delivering outside their assigned area and others are delivering in those areas.

CPC: Could be an IRMA problem – system could be corrupted. We will track a loop that is working well and compare it to a loop that is not.

CUPW: We suggest to study Loop A.

8) Computer program – PDSL giving conflicting numbers on manifest and the load summary reports.

CUPW: The numbers come from the same system, cannot understand why the numbers are different on the 2 reports.

CPC: The report updates itself throughout the day. The only thing we see that can cause the discrepancy is the Special Products. If the P.C. is not keyed in, there is a discrepancy. Need to study this with key people.

9) Commercial pick-ups – have they been checked for proper timing of the number of trips made into buildings? Only one trip has been calculated and not multiples.

CPC: We will have to do a volume count to determine if there is an anomaly. Will look into if the problems are brought to our attention. The team that we will assemble will have to work together to gather the information. MSCs will be asked to fill out form – but we do not want to add value to the tours to accomplish this exercise.

CUPW: Agrees to help in developing the tool.

10) Morning tours – questions of loading or not loading.

CUPW: It is not the MSCs responsibility to load his own vehicle. His tour is not structured to load.

CPC: Morning PT and Flex PT should have loaded trucks.

CUPW: Flex PT should not get mail if the total aggregate quota is too low. If mail arrives late and the Flex PT is required to load his own vehicle, his quota should be adjusted.

CPC: Will study.

11) What kind of information are you providing to the workers to have an informed bid?

CUPW: There are no sequence numbers on the tour sheets so what are the MSCs bidding on?

CPC: We do not want to perpetuate the false expectations the employees have. They bid on the p.m. portion of the tour which is the constant portion.

CUPW: Would still like to see sequence numbers on the sheets. Indicate that they are approximate – cover large sequences. Would also like to see a map of the loop provided with the bid sheets.

CPC: Agrees.

12) Bidding – how do you propose to get it done?

CPC: Provided complete package. Will have to add sequence numbers and maps. Cut off dates?

CUPW: The date the structure started.

CPC: Will look into – either December 2nd, 2004 or December 9th, 2004. Would like to be upfront about the new PT Rover positions. Looking at adding 9 PT Rover positions at the same time in order to ensure enough positions for the current PT employees. Will do an analysis to determine if need is greater or smaller.

CUPW: Would like to enter into MOA similar to Toronto Local.

CPC: Will discuss Friday.

Start and end of Rovers’ day will be at 280 Progress.

CUPW: Where will they wash up and change?

CPC: YDC before when they return products. Will then drive vehicle back to 280 Progress.

CPC: Would like to change PT Flex start time to 1000.

CUPW: Agrees.

Open bid – because affects more than 50% of positions. Will resolve grievance submitted back in the fall. Bid will have same format as last one. As long as the bid does not drag on, agree that you will not do the MSC monthly bid in February.

CPC: Will delay bid from February 21st, 2005 to February 28th, 2005.

13) Depot 4 restructure

CUPW: Looking for clarification, have been receiving mixed messages.

CPC: We provided notice. We asked for observers. There should be no mixed messages. We are moving parcels form Depot 4 to the Hub with the exception of CMB sites.