Metro Toronto East Ops/Scarborough Local C.U.P.W.
Monthly Consultation (RSMC)
Held on
January 12, 2005
280 Progress Ave

J. Gilbert M. Duquette
K. Vanderploeg L. Charles
S. Valla H. Leslie
P. Dyck K. Davidson
D. Beardmore G. Pratt
S. Hewitt G. Miller
D. Roosevelt

Old Business


Union: RSMC are still being told to take householders home for preparation, because there is not enough room in the station. This has to stop; you may find yourselves liable if any of these employees hurt themselves while they are preparing householders at home as they were told. There is now a sheet available that RSMCs are asked to signed, giving them permission to take house holders of site for preparation

Mgmt: This practice is not our policy; we will speak to the RBM responsible for this station to rectify the situation.

New Business

Relief Pool

Union: What is the status of the relief pool proposal?

Mgmt: This is presently being discussed at the national level; a decision is expected in the near future.


Union: What is happening with SAP, will the RSMC be getting bi-weekly pay?

Mgmt: SAP is presently only being utilized for HR information, there is currently no plan for bi-weekly pay processing.


Union: RSMC that are going off on maternity leave are having problems receiving E.I because of the hours they are scheduled to work.

Mgmt: We will investigate and follow-up. K.V

Union: How do we get reprints of a pay stub, if an employee did not receive one?

Mgmt: The station superintendent should be informed; if they are unable to resolve the matter, it should be escalated.

Union: There are a few routes that we would like to have re-evaluated. Richmond Hill SS 1 and 26, Maple SS 5, Richmond Hill SS 10.

Mgmt: Well will investigate these routes and set up a meeting. S.V

Meeting adjourned

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All Present

Information Books ( RSMC Offices only)

P. Mulvihill - Manager L.R. Central Region

G. Deveau, - National Director, Ontario Region C.U.P.W.

S. Bordeleau - Manager L.R RSMC

J. Wellsbury - Manager Delivery Services