Minutes of consultation
Canada Post Corporation
Canadian Union of Postal Workers
Toronto & Scarborough Locals
held jointly on Jan 11, 2005 at SCLPP

Bob Forsey Steve Killy
Jason Ball Mike Duquette
Jim Mustard Learie Charles
Ashok Kapoor Jay M. Troop

(A) Installation of CCTV cameras at both East and West Retail sites

Bob Forsey opened the meeting by stating that this is to address the concerns of both CUPW - Toronto and Scarborough Locals brought to his attention prior to Christmas.

Union: Cameras are in locations already. CCTV installations have not been consulted nationally or locally.

CPC: This is true.

Union: Employees are concerned that camera's are focussed on them instead of the products.

CPC: Communication about this initiative has been poor. Corporate security representatives explained that the priority is safety of employees, products, customers, etc.

Union: If the purpose is to catch people after action i.e. later on, then why there is no signage to alert the public that these premises are protected by security cameras. Currently which sites have these cameras?

CPC: Cameras are not hidden. Signage will be placed. Current sites are Station K, Adelaide, Toronto E, Square One and Don Mills.

Union: How were these selected?

CPC: Based on current security risks, volume/clientele/ROSS sites, when Image upgrades take place, etc. These will be the considerations for future installations.

Union: High risk sites?

CPC: Yes for fraud transactions, theft/robbery/criminal activity and various reasons mentioned.

Union: Like the coins were stolen at Atrium. Illustrated that employees feel threatened by the line of sight, where camera is aimed not where it is positioned.

CPC: Cameras are for security reasons only. Already caught two in Montreal for criminal activity. Need a specific aim for a focussed view of the transaction taking place and to identify the customer. We have back of employees in sight.

Union: At Don Mills site, it is a narrow view, defeats the purpose. Employee perception is that they are being watched. Employee cooperation and morale should be the consideration.

CPC: Intent of camera is to protect the products, employees from criminal/fraudulent activity, not discipline.

Union: Need another camera in Atrium lobby. Coins being lifted from display cases.

CPC: Coin display cases were defective. Size of mirrors prevents proper/whole view of the lobby.

Union: It is a simple fix, if corporation is willing to go into these facilities to alleviate concerns and perception of the employees. Main concern is angle of camera. Place the signage for customers to see. Employees will provide feedback.

CPC: Agreed. From Corporate Security and legal perspect for fraud, assault, theft activity etc., more cameras may be put in and adjustment of the current camera angles will be made as required.

Parties agreed to tour each facility with Union, Corporate security, OHSE and Retail representatives, to hold information, awareness sessions with the employees.

Starting on January 19, 2005: 10 AM               Don Mills

                                                  Noon                Atrium

                                                  Afternoon         Square One.

Union: Inform us when installing cameras at other sites.

CPC: Sites scheduled for Image upgrades are being included for installation of CCTV cameras.

Union asked for feasibility of a camera at West Beaver Creek site.

(B) "Make it Happen" initiative

CPC: Material was forwarded previously to both the Local Presidents. Invited union's comments about this initiative.

Union: It is Okay.

CPC: Informed the union that an eight minute video will be shown to employees. Copy of video was provided to both Locals.

(C) 6.05 notice of organization changes in both East and West C&D/ Retail Post Offices

Union was informed that 6.05 notice has been served to CUPW-National today. Toronto Station D Retail and Willodale B CSC sites will be closed. Copies of 6.05 notice were provided to both Scarborough and Toronto Locals. Consultation(s) will be set up in due course of time. Union stated that detailed rationale to close these sites will be required.

Meeting adjourned.

CC. Toronto Local

Scarborough Local

Bob Forsey

Jason Ball

Jim Mustard

Paul Mulvihill

Blesilda Yap