Metro Toronto East Ops/Scarborough Local C.U.P.W.
Monthly Consultation (RSMC)
Held on
December 8, 2004
280 Progress Ave

J. Gilbert M. Duquette
B. Forsey G. Tomaszewski
P. Dyck K. Davidson
L. Anastasi
D. Beardmore
S. Hewitt


Union: RSMC are still being told to take householders home for preparation, because there is not enough room in the station. This has to stop; you may find yourselves liable if any of these employees hurt themselves while they are preparing householders at home as they were told.

Mgmt: This practice is not our policy; we will speak to the RBM responsible for this station to rectify the situation.

Schedule A

Union: We are requesting you provide us with copies of Schedule A’s. Changes are being made to employees routes, for example householder counts are being greatly reduced, causing pay to be reduced as well. We want to be advised when these changes are being made.

Mgmt: Copies of Schedule A’s are available from your national; we will not be providing copies. There will be no discussion with the union prior to route changes being made; these changes are being communicated to the employees.


Union: If a route has 500 POC and if they have 499 householders to deliver is that a full set. Is there any leeway in what is considered a full set? For the sake of one householder an RSMC may not be getting the full value they deserve, if this happens over a period of time, their counts would not be properly recorded.

Mgmt: To calculate the average set of full sets of unaddressed admail delivered per week: Add Number of sets for pervious twelve months and divide by 52 weeks. Round up to the next whole number. RSMC are paid for the full amount of sets attributed to their route per week, regardless of if the reach that allotted amount in actual delivery. Full sets are based on 100 % point of call coverage.

Meeting adjourned

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All Present

Information Books ( RSMC Offices only)

P. Mulvihill - Manager L.R. Central Region

G. Deveau, - National Director, Ontario Region C.U.P.W.

S. Bordeleau - Manager L.R RSMC

J. Wellsbury - Manager Delivery Services