Metro-Toronto Delivery, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Monthly Consultation
Held on
Wednesday December 08, 2004
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On.

S. Simpson M. Duquette
L. Anastasi L. Charles
D. Beardmore K. Davidson
T. Kulesh G. Tomaszewski
A. Ilic
J Connery
B. Forsey
P. Dyck
J. Gilbert

Previous Issues:

Grievance Activity

The Corporation was pleased to see that the complaint stage has returned and the submissions reflect that.

The Union advised that the reports being sent are of little value as they include the numbers from Oshawa, Newmarket and possibly Toronto as the report is by Zone not by local..

Temp List

The Union indicated that due an unforeseen issue, Mr. Colacci was not available to discuss, however wishes to raise the fact that a list has not been received for the past couple of months.

The Corporation will follow-up. (Update – list was sent to Union on Dec 10, 04)

New Business

Meal on Route

The Union raised it’s concern with the Corporations action with respect to meal on route, several months it was stated that you would not be seeking locations for meal on routes. The Union has contacted the Dept of Health for Toronto, S. Thompson, with regard to this issue. We were advised that food prepared at someone’s home cannot be brought into a public restaurant due to cross contamination. Suggest that CPC and CUPW meet with the Department of Health on this issue.

The Corporation advised that where it was feasible meal on route is being implemented. The locations being used are public areas and meet the criteria outlined in clause 48.04 .

However will review your concern and respond. ( Director/ Delivery Services)

Bidding on Prior Assignment

The Union raised a concern that in some stations employee’s, specifically group 2, that they cannot bid on their former route.

The Corporation will send out a notice advising the Supervisors and Superintendents that the rules have changed in Clause 13 of the CPC/CUPW collective agreement and there is no longer a prohibition from returning to a former route. (Managers)

Article 15.32

The Union indicated that employees were being advised that a compensatory time held was being paid out.

The Corporation responded that a bulletin was issued regarding the accumulation of comp time. It indicated that those holding comp time built up prior to March 31, 2003 were to be offered the opportunity to have it paid out in April of 2004 or to book the time off prior to March 2005. Any unused time would be paid out in April 2005. However any time accumulated in 2004-2005 can be carried over into the next year upon written request within twenty (20) working days of the end of the leave year. ( April 01, 04 – March 31, 05).

Staffing Information not received by the Local

The Corporation will initiate a process to ensure that transfer lists are supplied to the Local.

The union also requests reporting letters for all transfers within the GTA, as members move between Toronto and Scarborough consistently and as such we are unaware of these moves.

The Corporation will provide a transfer list on the first of every month and follow-up n the copying of reporting letters (A. Ilic)

The Union raised a concern with a bypass for an employee to the YDC, this resulted from the use of a transfer list different from the one agreed to by YDC Management and CUPW Local during consultation.

Management advised that this situation was corrected.

The Union indicated that damages exisited as the employee was acting full-time and as such a part-timer was denied the right to act in the LTA from the date of the bypass. Also seems that there was another by pass of a ft letter.

The Corporation will respond. (A. Ilic)

WSIB – Late Reporting, Improper distribution, Reduction in injuries

The Union advised that a letter has been sent to the WSIB, copied to the Corporation representatives, concerning the increase in the number of late reporting of injuries. The Union feels that the use of SAP is the problem. Also advised the Corporation that documents are being sent to the wrong locations, Scarborough is receiving some of Toronto claims and can be sure that the reverse is taking place.

The Corporation advised that Mr. C. MacLaghlin, Manager O.H.S.& E, will be responding to those concerns raised in the letter to the Board.

The Union indicated that a drop of some twenty-five (25) percent is evident and while wishing this to be so, finds it difficult to believe. Concerned that the reports received are not including the SAIR codes as previously agreed. (A. Ackerman)

Random Numbers

The Union raised the issue of errors with some of the random numbers for newly hired employee’s ( temporary to indeterminate). This may impact on the walk bids, annual leave selection, overtime lists etc.

The Corporation responded that it was aware of this issue and that Julie Best from Employee Relations was reviewing all the employee’s records that may be affected. It resulted from an input error for employee’s hired after April 22, 2004. The results will be made available for discussion when completed. ( J. Best / A. Ilic)

Staffing – Employees Locked into Group for a one (1) year period

The Union raised its position with regards to article 13.11 (f). Employees who have been hired, temporary to indeterminate, prior to February 1, 2004 are not considered locked in when transferring to another group. Appendix W indicates that rules in prior agreement stand until February 1st.

The Corporation is aware that this issue was discussed Nationally and is awaiting the response. ( J. Best / A. Ilic)

The Union raised that prospect of a damages to employees who have missed opportunities for full-time positions in the group that they should have been transferred to.

Pay Issues

The Corporation advised the Union that Mr. Kane sends his regrets; he is unable to attend as planned due to conflict in scheduling

A number of issues were raised over pay problems that will be forwarded to the correct individuals for resolution. One concern noted was that in some cases a statement was not being received by employee’s in receipt of off cycle cheques. This is causing some confusion with respect to reviewing the periods covered once a regular statement is received.

Grievance Hearings

The Union was concerned over what occurred earlier at the hearings, an employee who had indicated that he wished to attend the hearing , which commences 07:00 hrs, was told he had to sort his route prior to going to the hearing. The Union wants to know why this office , 280 Progress , instructed this facility this way?

Those instructions did not come from the Corporations representatives at 280, further the Superintendent does not support the employee’s claim that such a statement was made to him.

Health and Safety Tours

The Union advised the Corporation that there are occasions where the tour reports submitted to the committee are changed after the tours are completed and signed off the parties.

The Corporation does not support such changes, the tour reports are not to be edited after they have been signed, the committee will discuss issues that are not relevant at the monthly meetings.

Letter from RMO to Scarborough F – Walk 39

The letter carrier was advised that his route was changed in that he was to take his lunch prior to departing on his AM.

The Corporation will investigate. ( Update – it was found that as per the language of article 14.05 (c) “ The meal period for Motorized Mail Couriers and Motorized Letter Carriers shall start between three (3) hours and five (5) hours after the official start time of the route.”. In this case the inside duties are at one hundred and eighty (180) minutes or greater , and therefore the lunch period is being scheduled prior to departure as per 14.05 ( c ) )

The Union also requested to know when the admail updates are taking place, it was previously done after the six month payment period, however as payment is bi-weekly what dates are used.

The Corporation will respond ( Delivery Services)

New Values

The union indicated that new values for SLB’s and MM stops have been established and should be implemented whenever adjustments are made to a route, is this being done?

Corporation will respond ( Delivery Services)

CPC Vehicle Usage

Union requested that representatives of the Corporation follow the process when using vehicles, log books are not completed and MLC’s are finding mileage discrepancies from when they next use the vehicle .

The Corporation will advise the representatives to follow the procedures and complete the log books.


The Corporation advised the Union that an audit of the payments of admail is underway across the country due to what appears to be a high payment based on receipts. This may lead to recoveries of payment in some case.

Admail is a sensitive issue, employees need to understand that this is no different from other items received in the mail. Recently had a situation where coupons were used by employee’s inappropriately which resulted in the customer lodging a complaint. As well items being “dumped”. This product is key to revenues and should be handled as any other product, according to the rules. Overages should be identified and secured in the facility in the designated area.


The Union was concerned that about the use of cardboard monos for mail receipts from the plant.

The Corporation advised that this practice will stop, an equipment shortfall was the cause however new equipment is in the system.


The enquired as to whether the automated interface for COANs , on-line filing, will affect the DRS value.

The Corporation responded that this is a national project and will respond.

Clearance of RPO’s

The Union raised the clearing of the RPO’s, which was to commence on December 06, 2004, in past years the Corporation used the part-time MSC’s to perform this task during the Christmas period, however there are no MSC’s in the Stations.

The Corporation replied that the MLC’s can perform this task during the period they are scheduled to clear the SLB in front of the RPO’s any additional time required above the eight hrs will be paid as overtime under 15.08. Where part-time MLC’s exist it will be considered as extended hours. If no MLC scheduled to cover an RPO then will offer to L.C. on overtime, with the understanding the work is required prior to 13:00 hrs .

Retail Issues

Maple Health and Safety

The Union indicated that they were still awaiting the invitation to attend the Health and Safety meeting. (D. Baldock)

Don Mills Camera’s

The Union raised it’s concern with respect to the cameras installed in the Don Mills Retail Section, there was no consultation on this matter and it is a violation of the collective agreement. This issue falls under the Burkett decision, 626-95-10814.

The Corporation advised that this was a Corporate Security initiative and was unaware that there had been no consultation. The camera’s are on site to detect and prevent fraud from the transactions with customers, not to monitor employee’s work habits or performance.

The Union indicated that the camera’s are focused on the till and as such appear to be monitoring the staff.

The Corporation replied that they should be focused on the area where transactions take place, such as credit card usage in order that if necessary a review of the tape will pick up the number, name etc from the card being used.

The Union feels that notice should have taken place prior to the installation as employees were caught off guard. Also suggest that T.V screen s be installed similar to banks to show customers that a monitoring system is in place.

The Corporation will arrange a meeting with the Union and Corporate Security to discuss the process and communication package.

Stouffville Start Times

The Union asked about the start time at Stouffville, records indicate 07:00 hrs yet employee advised it was 06:30 hrs.

The Corporation advised that it is 06:30 hrs, however some staff were starting later, the 06:30 hrs starting time was reaffirmed with the staff.

Willowdale B

The Union enquired as to the temporary employee working at Willowdale B, was article 39.07 followed.

Will respond (B. Forsey)


Not present.

Meeting adjourned

Next Meeting : Wednesday January 12, 2005 at 280 Progress Ave

Distribution: Via Email

All Present

G. Deveau, National Director CUPW Ontario Region

P. Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relations Central Region

C. Marcil, Manager Labour Relations, National Office

D, Kane, Manager , Payroll Ops

D. Racioppa, Manager Delivery Services Central Region