Metro Toronto Delivery, East / CUPW, Scarborough Local
Consultation Minutes
Held on
Tuesday Dec 07,04
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On.
Topic: Bar Chart Review ( Sept 03 – Aug 04 3rd meeting)

T. Kulesh M. Duquette
A. Goyal L. Charles
S. Hardy
D. Dawson
J. Connery

The parties meet to discuss the impact of the Unions concerned in meeting number 2 on the overall reduction/increase of relief.

The parties started with a review of Zone 6.

The following stns have an increase in relief based on the twelve month trend sheets

Agincourt + 1

Scarborough D + 2

Depot 4 + 1

Scarborough F + 2

Unionville + 2

There is a reduction in only one location ; Scarborough C - 2

Malvern, Markham, Scarborough Depot 11 and West Hill do not change.

The Corporation suggested that effective January 01, 05 the two displaced employee’s from Scarborough C are temporarily placed as unassigned in the two new positions at Scarborough D. The Union advised that it will be the two most junior employees that are to be displaced, not necessarily the junior relief., as a walk bid just closed the Union suggested that these employees be advised and are offered the opportunity to bid.

The Corporation will investigate and advise, but cannot see any problem with that suggestion.

Zone 7

The Corporation had submitted responses to the Union concerns previous to the meeting. The Union asked what was the impact of the changes.

Richmond Hill remains unchanged, Pickering and Ajax will each lose 1 relief.

The Union questioned this as Pickering was at 63.05 % trend for status quo, prior to the changes that were required, and Ajax was at 60.66 %.

The Corporation will review with the stns and advise.

Update : following the input of the changes and recalculating the data in both locations the following results took place, Pickering is unchanged and Ajax in fact will increase by two ( 2) relief.

Zone 5

Willowdale D + 1

West Beaver Creek + 2 However the actual number is to be confirmed following the changes to be implemented

Willowdale Depot 3 + 3 This will need to confirmed once a recalculation takes place. Update this is the actual outcome of the review recalculation.

Willowdale Depot 2, and Willowdale B will remain unchanged as will Don Mills. The reason for no change in Don Mills was determined in a review of the changes with the MSC to MLC conversion which would require 1 additional relief in the minimum number, while a negative 1 currently reflects in the Bar Chart trend equalizes the relief overall required.

All new positions will be effective for January 01, 05.

Meeting adjourned.

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All present

A Azzopardi , Employee Administration

P. Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relation Central region

G Deveau , National Director CUPW, Ontario Region

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations, National