Local RSMC Consultation
Canada Post Corporation
CUPW Scarborough and Oshawa Locals
August 25, 2004
280 Progress
Re: Monthly Delivery Consultation

A. Kapoor M. Duquette
S. Hewitt D. Hardy
P. Wright J. Szewczyk
B. Dawe G. Pratt
J. Wineck F. Delvecchio
K. Ratchford L. Charles
P. Dyck
B. Forsey

Retail Presence

Un: There are a number of retail issues being brought forth at the monthly consultation, however there is no retail presence to respond to these issues. Many of these issues deal with RSMC.


Un: Should customers be using RR addressing or should they be using their name. If we are unable to determine what and address is can we RTS the mail.

Mgmt: We would prefer that the customer use the full and proper address, we have sent out letters to customers informing them on how to correctly have their mail addressed. We should not however be RTS the mail, there should be an address look up sheet in each station and we should attempt delivery of all mail.

Householder Sets

Un: What is considered a full set of householders. If you have all farms on day and all houses on another day is this considered a full set.

Mgmt: If you are delivering only farms or only house it is not considered a full set. Full sets are determined by full coverage (delivering householders to each point of call on a given day). Closed

Port Perry

Un: Do you have any knowledge of the community newspaper that we will be delivering. Will they be including inserts, if so what are CPC standards. Should we be accepting flyers in these publications if they are not folded in the middle, they have been known to fall out.

Mgmt: The contract to deliver these newspapers is in the process of being set up. We will follow-up with the mailers as these problems arise.


Un: RSMC are required to sign in and out when they arrive and leave the station. We have a concern that they are the only ones required to do this and are being treated differently that other RSMC.

Mgmt: This practice may have been in place prior to the signing of the contract and has continued since. They may also be having trouble with some individuals. Closed

Un: Is there an official start time for the RSMC

Mgmt: There is no official start time, there is a time on the schedule, A which states when their mail will be available. RSMCs are expected to be there when the mail is available. Closed


Un: There is a route in Brooklin station that has gone from 8.5 hours to 6.46 hours. Why has this happened.

Mgmt: This was an error in recording, the route is worth 6.46 not 8.5 as previously recorded. There is no further explanation for the error as it was the only such error in the GTA.

Un: Brooklin SS3 lost 25 kilometers, why has this happened.

Mgmt: The station had made an error by including the "In town delivery" km on the route. This is not to be included with the original distance for delivery to POC. The RSMC had negotiated a rate with TCS pre Jan 01, 2004 for this "In town delivery". Closed

Un: The RSMCs in Brooklin station require stress mats.

Mgmt: We will investigate the situation.

Un: Will do spray be provided for RSMCs.

Mgmt: Dog spray can be provided as needed. Closed

Port Perry

Un: Has there been an annual inspection at Port Perry station.

Mgmt: It was done in June. Closed

Un: Do the RSMCs get copies of the inspection.

Mgmt: They do get copies and also the opportunity to discuss any issues they may have with the outcome. Closed

Un: RSMCs in Port Perry are required to turn their keys in, however they do not appear to be left in a secure place.

Mgmt: we can investigate and change the location of the keys if necessary.


Un: Some of the RSMCs are not given all the documents from their annual inspections.

Mgmt: We will investigate and clarify which documents are being used.

Un: Maple is putting in 3 new routes, concerns about space.

Mgmt: We are in the process of finding new retail space, which will allow us to expand delivery. This should provide us with at least 2 years of additional space. We are also looking at a new facility as part of our future real estate plan. Closed

Un: The RSMCs are using and handing in their log sheets and they are not receiving copies back.

Mgmt: In some offices there is no way of making copies, but the log sheets should be keep on file in the stations.

Un: Vouchers are not being made available, RSMCs are being questioned as to why they need the forms and they are not allowed to fill them out themselves.

Mgmt: The forms should be available through the lead hands and postmasters. We will follow-up to ensure everyone knows where they are.

Un: SS 11-17 had a pay cut, why has this occurred.

Mgmt: There is no such reduction on record. We ask that the union provide additional details.

Mgmt: There appears to be many issues surrounding Maple station. There should be a separate meeting for Maple at Maple with the involvement of Dave Baldock.

Un: We agree to a separate meeting.


Un: 7ps are not being made available to the RSMCs; they are finding it difficult to determine distribution.

Mgmt: We can use the manual white board until we find out why the ROSS system is not being used.

Un: There are currently 9 routes soon to be 10; we have concerns over locker rooms currently being used as a lunchroom.

Mgmt: We will investigate and respond.

Delivery of Alcohol

Un: Some insurance companies are saying that if RSMCs delivery alcohol, they may not be covered by insurance.

Mgmt. It is mail and should be delivered as normal. We ask that you provide us with more details.

Un: There may be a need for RSMCs to use handcarts as the parcel delivery model comes into place, will they be provided.

Mgmt: We will investigate and respond.

Un: Will RSMCs be allowed to perform modified duties.

Mgmt: We will review and respond to the question.

Health and Safety

Un: Will the union be give assess to conduct health and safety inspection as needed.

*Note: Upon further investigation an amendment has been made to your position regarding health and safety matters.

Mgmt: CPAA and Local JOSH are two separately recognized forums for their respective sites for the purpose of safety tours/meetings/inspections. However, it was suggested that minutes of these safety tours/meetings/inspections may be forwarded to each other as information after they have taken place. It is the responsibility of CPAA to act as the employee representative when dealing with health and safety matters. Protocol requires that prior notice from CUPW (citing the purpose of visit) is a must even when any executive member of a Local plans to visit a facility.

Next meeting September 12th @ 1:30

Minutes of Retail Consultation with CUPW Scarborough and Oshawa Locals

held at 280 Progress Ave on August 25, 2004.

Retail Temporary employee list (for Metro Toronto C&D/Retail East Post Office)

Management informed that only one employee expressed interest and is on this new list. This information will be provided to Scarborough Local. Training is tentatively scheduled for September 13, 2004. Employee relations will hire two more employees for this list.

RPO located at 4410 Kingston Rd

Carded items will be held over for an extended period of time. Respective personnel in Delivery/Retail have been informed. Keith Ratchford, Retail Business Manager is the contact for all the arrangements.


Considering the number of issues/concerns at Maple, parties agreed to hold a separate meeting on site at Maple.


Considering the growth in this area and space restraints at this office, Retail will be separating from the Delivery component. The anticipated move is expected around Spring of 2005.


Union: Since the deletion of FT PO4 position, employees are constantly working over time and one employee is left alone during 2 PM to 4:45 PM.

Mgmt: This is not the norm, employee joining the station brought Vacation leave with them, coupled with absenteeism caused this isolated circumstance. Relief coverage is based on known absences and 9-DLPE.

Union representatives are welcome to analyze the number of Relief positions with Business Manager, Brain Dawe at a mutually agreed upon time.

It was agreed that a Retail agenda items at the C&D/Retail East Post Office monthly meeting (every 2nd Wednesday of the month) will be discussed from 1 PM onwards. Next monthly meeting is on Sept. 08, 2004 at 280 Progress Road facility.

Meeting adjourned.