Scarborough Local CUPW / East Transportation Operation
August 19, 2004

P. Mulvihill L. Charles
J. Best M. Duquette<
D. Porter
D. Jones
T.C. Chung
P. Brennan

Re: Group 1 Staffing – New Parcel Delivery Model

Parcel Support Clerks

- Concerns discussed regarding package presented.

i.e. Break Times 15 minutes not 10 minutes, relief included in # available staff;

rotation day schedule.

Package will be amended.

- Union received the amended proposal on August 18, 2004, therefore, could not prepare counter proposal.

- Concerns:

1) Loading Profile Tuesday to Friday

- Must be reworked and provided.

- No agreement on the loading time used of 30 minutes.

2) There are no Full Time employees on days.

3) Union does not agree with Rates used. Keying, racking rates.

Keying rate does not include interruptions of more than 1 minute. The rate does not include the other functions like moving full and empty monos. If the belt stops continuously it does affect the keying rate.

Union is concerned if this does not work on day one, how do we adjust quickly to provide training, etc, required?

Bidding Procedures:

Wish to plan this change for September 13, 2004.

Only one position has not changed. Financial position - incumbent has right to retain.

All other positions are total bid.

Agreement to ask incumbent of financial position. If he wishes to retain: if he does not, all positions will be placed for bidding.

Note: Incumbent has decided to retain his position.

Bid to start: First determine who is transferring it. Give bid form with transfer letter, reporting instructions.

# Current Employees Proposed Variance

FT 31 FT 43 +12

PT 8 PT 28 +20

Have started to bring in Part Time employees (4).

Agreement: Will consult again if we must go to external hires.