Scarborough Local / Metro East Delivery Ops
Monthly Consultation
For Urban Employees
Held August 11, 2004
280 Progress Ave

Attendees :

L. Wilkinson M. Duquette
L. Mellow G. Miller
T. Kulesh K. Davidson
S. Hardy G. Tomaszewski
D. Kane L. Charles
T. C. Chung
J. Connery

Old Business

1) Unionville Walk 12 – Article 50

Union – We have received the results and as expected based on a June count the values are low. Request that we revisit this route in the fall. Also the parcels may impact

Mgmt - We will review the parcel aspect should there be an issue Closed

2) Pay Issues

Union – raised concern with an employee who has been waiting for a resolution to a WSIB claim, it seems that it is circling between the Corporation and WSIB. Larry Anastasi is aware of the employee and the problems.

Mgmt – D. Kane will follow –up.

Raised a concern that the process that was agreed to with respect to pay issues is not being followed and as such manager’s are not aware on going situations within their Zones.

Employees who find a concern with pay upon receiving their statement are to discuss the concern with their supervisor. The supervisor is to investigate and respond within forty-eight (48) hours. If the supervisor does not provide a explanation the employee should contact the Superintendent, allowing forty eight (48) hours to respond. If not resolved matter to escalated to the Zone Manager. If the issue is not resolved the issue is to be brought to the attention of the Director. In the event that a correction is required and it is made by 20::00 hrs on the Monday following the pay date, it will appear on the next pay statement. Also advised the Union that a number of issues can affect pay such as schedule changes entered and therefore when employee’s see a problem it may not be related to the recording of hours and as such may require extensive investigation.

3) Bar Charts- Not being received

Union – indicated that still not receiving all the bar charts on a regular basis (supplied a spreadsheet). Also request that we be provided the printout of the monthly notes. This will assist in reviewing the “ Abs, not Calculated”.

Mgmt – will review and respond, if the data is being vetted at the station level there should no need to provide notes.

Union – reminded those present that the annual review is to take place between Sept.15 and Oct 15. We must have all the bar charts by Sept 14, 04.

4) Night Shift Supervisor _- 280 Progress Ave

Mgmt – this position is staffed

Union – it is our understanding that PO 4’s are performing APOC duties in that they directing other staff.

Mgmt – will follow up

5) Malvern – Unisex Locker Room

Union – as per the last minutes the door was to be replaced, was this completed.

Mgmt – will follow up

6) Lunch on route and returning to put up mail for next day

Mgmt – employees cannot be prohibited from returning to the facility, as they may have items in a locker etc. however they will not be allowed to process mail that has been determined to be the next day’s work. However should emergency overtime be available and in the application of the appropriate list the ee is offered there is no violation of other employee rights.

Union - disagree, if an ee choose to take their flexible meal period on rte then they should be prohibited from returning to the facility and should be excluded from emergency overtime. A grievance has been filed in that regard.

7) Parcel Model Implementation Delayed

Mgmt – implementation date is now scheduled for Sept 27, 04

Union – raised concerns that the vacancies at YDC are not being staffed as well as misinformation is being cascaded to MSC’s as to status once the project is implemented.

Mgmt – will follow up

8) Dispute Resolution Training

Union – status was to be provided.

Mgmt – will have to carry-over to next meeting due to the unavailability of Mr. Gilbert.

9) Article 54 – Impact at Hub and Stn level at implementation of Model

Union – there are some outstanding 54 issues at YDC, yet no representative at monthly meetings.

Mgmt - unaware that the Union was scheduling YDC employees at that meeting, will follow up P. Brennan.

Union – suggest that those needing accommodation be identified prior to implementation as it may impact on delivery ops as well.

10) Stouffville – Repairs

Union – concern that repairs in this facility are taking to long to be actioned.

Mgmt – will escalate to Director of Retail by way of these minutes

11) Retail Temporary List

Mgmt – employee administration is still in the process of canvassing the operations temporary employees for this list.

New Business

1) Letter Carrier on street training

Union - concern that employees are not being trained in all aspects of letter carrier duties, such as the MLC function or motorized routes. Request that the Union be involved in the selection of

the trainers.

Mgmt- this is a volunteer program and is run through the training dept. we recognise that due the various duties required by letter carriers it is difficult to ensure on street training for each aspect, however training does try to match the needs of type of coverage required, in the case of temporary employees, in stations to train new hires in those stns they will most likely work. Other duties are covered in the theory training provided.

2) Sabbatical Leave

Union – asked how someone would apply, the language in the C/A is not provide the process or requirements.

Mgmt – will follow –up

Update – This leave may only be taken in periods of six (6) to twelve (12) months consecutively. Details can be found on Intrapost. In the Search window type “Work Options”

3) Night Workers leave

Union – raised a concern that employees are being denied leave as requested, citing operational requirements.

Mgmt – a schedule is in place in the Zone, the bidding information is sent to all stn following each qualifying period. There should be no requests at the stn level. All night workers leave is approved at the Zone level.

4) RPO located at 4410 Kingston Rd

Union – indicated that this RPO is being closed and wishes to clarify what procedures the L/C are to follow with respect to carded items.

Mgmt – will follow up and advise the stn to share information with the delivery staff and YDC management.

5) West Beaver Creek

Union – raised concern that the Union was not involved in the rotation of duties schedule implemented at this location.

Mgmt – will follow up and respond

6) Severance Pay

Union – advised mgmt that the ee who was unable to find his payment has done so, however the bank will not deposit it the ee’s name is not on the cheque.

Mgmt - this was an issue, however it was determined that the names were on the cheques, just not in the usual location. If the ee is still unable to get access to funds they should contact the 1 800 number and advise them of the difficulty.

Meeting adjourned

Next meeting : Wednesday Sept 08,2004 at 10:00


All Present

G. Deveau, Director, CUPW Ontario Region

J. Gilbert, Director , Metro-Toronto Delivery Operations

P. Mulvihill, Manager, Labour Relations Central Region

C. Marcil, Manager, Labour Relations National

B. Forsey, Director, Retail Business GTA

Information Books , All Scarborough Local Stns.