AUGUST 4, 2004

S. Simpson S. Killy
T. Kulesh M. Duquette
S. Boros I. Nanda
P. Comport B. Jackson
J. Coe L. Charles
I. Herrera S. White
G. Campbell T. Parkes
G. Poulosofos

Movement of FSA involving postal units S, Z, K and Don Mills:

Further to the article 6:05 notice and the letter of July 30, 2004, outlining the associated staffing movements involved in respect to this initiative, specifically the realignment of postal unit Z, this meeting was convened to discuss this project.

The union raised concerns in respect to the group 1 staffing profile, specifically:

Insufficient hours in relation to final sort hours @ postal unit S, presently there are 56 hours associated with this workload, primarily utilizing group 2 employees on modified duties.

Insufficient hours allocated to postal unit S, when considering hours allocated to postal unit K.

There should be three full time and two part time assignments for postal unit S, not the proposed number outlined by management.

Management has not applied the provisions of article 39:02, and 39:07 properly.

Management provided the following responses:

The hours presently utilized include group 2 employees on modified duties; they are not included in the staffing profile.

This exercise while maintaining the present workload divided the group 1 support staff to the realignment of letter carrier routes whose work location was changing.

A review of how article 39:07 was applied would be reviewed and S. Killy would be apprised.

A review of the staffing profile would be conducted to determine the actual regular staff to maintain service standards and predictable workloads. This would be forwarded to the union by Wednesday, August 11, 2004.

The Union stated that they required that all facilities involved in this project be reviewed to ensure proper staffing needs, this is the time to realign staffing requirements properly. Postal unit K staffing is satisfactory as presented. The union stated that they would not agree to move a group 1 assignment from postal unit S to Don Mills, as this crosses post offices.

Management stated that they would review all staffing involved. The assignment involving postal unit S to Don Mills can be accomplished by deletion and creation.

The Union stated that the number of hours allocated to RTS at postal unit S is insufficient, volumes are increasing, and a full time assignment is necessary.

Management agreed to review requirement.

The Union stated that they required this information by Friday, August 6, 2004 to enable them to discuss with membership.

The Union requested that the staffing profile review include Don Mills.

The Union was advised that there was no requirement for additional computers at Don Mills for the RTS or DRS operation.

The Union then addressed its concerns in respect to Group 2, specifically:

LCA duties are increasing @ Don Mills, yet there is no increase in assignments.

The MSC assignment that is to be converted to MLC, one additional relief assignment is required.

Any bidding exercise at this point, if the MSC assignment is encumbered is problematic, is it to be considered as a MSC or MLC assignment.

The movement of the FSA M2P does not have LCA hours allotted.

As previously stated the Union will allow group 2 employees the voluntary option to move with routes/assignments to Don Mills.

Required an explanation of RLC assignments being moved.

The Corporation needs to address the concerns raised promptly and respond, there is the need to be able to commence the bidding exercises.

Management replied that the plan for the MSC/MLC assignment was to be considered when addressing the FSA M2P. It is highly anticipatory to consider any and all components involving when conversion would occur, and/or bidding opportunities. It is believed that there are sufficient hours available to handle the increased LCA workload at Don Mills. The RLC assignments being moved equated to the present number of RLC assignments.

The Union inquired whether group 1 employees would be in the basement or first floor at postal unit K, which management relied both.

The Union inquired whether there would be an increase in LCA assignments from postal unit Z to S, which management replied that there was no increase.

The Union stated that there would be an increase in L/C cases at postal unit S, floor plans would have to change, and given a commitment by senior management, these are to be forwarded to the attention of S. Killy. Scarborough local requested that they receive changed floor plans for Don Mills.

The Union stated those DRS hours may have to be increased, which management stated would occur if required.

The Union inquired about available parking at postal unit K for the MSC vehicles, it may be advisable to change MSC to MLC assignments now; employees bidding may be impacted depending on transportation. Employees need to be advised of potential changes. Management stated that it would follow-up.

The Union inquired about shuttle route changes in respect to this project. Management stated that it would advise.

The Union stated that they had voiced detailed concerns, and wants a follow-up meeting when management has answers to their concerns. Management stated that there would be another meeting.