Metro Toronto Delivery Ops / C.U.P.W. Scarborough Local
Consultation Minutes
Held on
Wednesday July 21, 2004
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough ON

K. VanderPloeg M. Duquette
J. Connery L. Charles
T. Parks

The Corporation indicated that the scheduling of this meeting was to discuss issues arising out of the new collective agreement; Mr. Vanderploeg advised that he was the liaison for the Delivery team in Metro Toronto with respect to the implementation of the new collective agreement. Apologize for any misunderstanding based on the request to meet to discuss the process for meal on route. It is not our intention at this time to implement changes to motorized routes, the notice was in fact referring to the flex meal period outlined in the collective agreement.

The Union was pleased to hear the clarification of the purpose for the meeting, had some concerns with respect to Unionville and Depot 4 and the use of meal on route. With respect to the flex meal period our concern remains the same as indicated in our monthly meeting some months age, specifically those who choose to take their lunch other than at the facility yet return for either overtime or to process mail.

The Corporation responded that with respect to the overtime, employee who do return for reasons such as disposition of undelivered PCI items, for their vehicle are entitled to emergency overtime should it occur, however under no circumstances should they be performing duties related to the next day’s mail operation. This will be discussed at the mangers meeting of July 22, 04.

The Union also raised the issue of the list of MHE trained employees, which was to be supplied each month as agreed to in the monthly consultations, this is not happening.

The Corporation will contact the Learning Institute, (D. Lagree) for follow up on this matter.

The Union also raised a concern with the cessation of the “bubble report” to their office indicating modified duties employee performing in a different group. (i.e. group 2 in group 1) There was an agreement that in lieu of consultation in those situations we would be provided the names of employees and if it was determined that consultation would be required then it would be arranged. The Corporation has not notified the local that they wished to withdraw from that agreement, however it would seem that this is the case. As such we are to be contacted prior to any crossing of employees into another group.

The Corporation responded that it would investigate and reply. The Corporation has resolved this situation; the Union will continue to receive the modified duty report. However it may take a few days to reestablish the process.

The parties agreed that Mr. VanderPloeg would attend the monthly consultation meetings to address any issues that arise from the new collective agreement.

Meeting adjourned.

Distribution: All present

J. Gilbert – Director, Metro- Toronto Delivery Ops

P. Mulvihill – Manager, Labour Relations Central Region

G. Deveau – National Director, CUPW Ontario Region