Undeliverable Mail Operations / C.U.P.W. Scarborough Local
Friday July 16, 2004
280 Progress Ave, Scarborough On

S. Bain M. Duquette
J. Connery L. Charles

Subject : Relief Coverage of CUPW staff at the UMO located at 1860 Midland Ave, Scarborough ON

The Corporation indicated to the Union that there is a concern with respect to the coverage of the annual leave for the CUPW staff, the difficulty arises in that we have only twenty one (21) weeks of annual leave that require coverage, thus it is not feasible to hold a forth position in such a small unit to cover what is less than 50 % of year. It would be however feasible to utilize art 39.04 for those periods when one (1) employee is absent. The current staffing profile at 1860 Midland , specifically the YDC operation is such that we have no availability of part-time PO 4’s for the AM of the day shift.

The Union recognizes that the current staffing profile in the installation, which is deemed to be 1860 Midland, is not suited to the coverage required, therefore on a without prejudice or precedent to any position the Union may take in the future with respect to similar and/or identical circumstances, we will agree to a 39.07 coverage for the period of July 19, 2004 up to and including the implementation of the parcel model, scheduled for Sept 13,04, based on the understanding that this period is continuous. Should a break in the leave schedule occur the parties would need to revisit this agreement. This is being agreed to in the interest of the health and safety of the employees in the UMO.

The Union advised that consultation on the YDC schedules and staffing will be taking place within the next week.

The parties agreed that once the YDC schedule was confirmed and prior to the implementation of the parcel Model that consultations would again take place to discuss the application of Art 39.04 and/or 39.05. S. Bain to contact the Union during the month of August to arrange for a mutually agreed to date.

Distribution: All present.