Scarborough Local – RMSC / Metro East Delivery Ops
Monthly Consultation
Held July 14, 2004 at 280 Progress Av

Kelly Vanderploeg George Pratt
Larry Anastasi Mike Duquette
Shafin Valla Ken Davidson
Ken Thorne Jack Kelly
Dawn Gayle George Tomaszewski
Alana Murphy Learie Charles

Previous Business

1) Pay Problems

Pay issues have been identified to Danny Kane who will respond

2) Position Numbers

The position numbers are at National CUPW level.

If we have them we will provide them to the local. We do not have them at this time. Kelly to follow up.

3) Process for bidding, Copies to Union

Union Wants copies of the postings

Mgmt We will arrange to have the postings sent to the Union if possible through Mary Beamish

4) RSMC Relief Proposal from CUPW

Mgmt This is at discussion by the Transition Committee at this time.

Union With An area this large it would make sense.

Mgmt We will provide more information when we get a response.

5) Process for Modified Duties

Union How do they get modified duties, replacement

Mgmt We will ask for an update on this process

6) Maple Health & Safety

Union Who has jurisdiction for the Health & Safety in Maple?

When the Health & Safety Committee meet we are not being notified.

Mgmt We will contact Dave Baldock , the APM to contact George Tomaszewski to attend the meetings.

New Business

1) Stouffville

Union RSMC’s told they would not be given elastic bands; after calling Labour Relations, they were supplied. There is no information book; no vehicle signs (magnetic)

Mgmt The vehicle signs will be provided; the white information board has also been provided.

Union There are a number of deficiencies in supplies as well surplus equipment in the station, e.g. door leaning on a case. The Health and Safety tour sheet prepared today was provided to Alliston.

Mgmt Alliston will review the tour sheet and pass it to Pat Dyke.

Union Request Pat Dyke or a Retail designate attend the consultation.

Mgmt We will inform Retail.

2) Port Perry

Union Keys returned on a daily basis. Why?

Mgmt This has been the history at Port Perry. If they wish to take the keys home, they may. No employee has ever requested they take the keys home.

3) Hampton

Union RSMC’s are required to sign in and out daily. If they are not there by 8:15 AM, they are marked late.

Mgmt We are not aware of this.

4) Brooklyn Pay Issue

Mgmt Route split 2003 and holder received a letter October 2003 about the split.

By the end of this year the route is expected to be 700-800 P.O.C. This all took place prior to 2004.

Union This is not the information we had and we will get back to you.

5) WBC Routes with Pay Discrepancies

Union Presented a number of discrepancies; each route has different specifics

Mgmt Shafin Valla will review and advise why there were deductions

Union The employees signed a contract for a wage, how can the payment be reduced with no explanation?

Mgmt We will respond with the variance advice to provide the reason for the wage change.

Union Unless the 5% is reached there can be no change in wage and in this case there has not been a change of 5%.

Mgmt A number of variables have to be taken into consideration, such as admail volumes, distance and type of route to calculate payment.

6) Maple

Union No replacement voucher forms are available to the RSMC’s.

Mgmt We will advise Dave Baldock

7) Helpers

Union Some RSMC’s are paying helpers and paying them out of their own pockets.

Postmasters are saying Vouchers are for only Helpers who work 8 hours per day.

Mgmt Helpers are paid for routes which are over 8 hours. Vouchers are to be used.

8) Delivery of Liquor

Union Some insurance companies are telling the RSMC that they are not covered if they are delivering liquor; it would void the policy.

Mgmt This is considered mail and not a prohibitive item to be carried in the vehicle.

9) Vacation Leave

Union Will unused vacation leave be paid out.

Mgmt Yes, it would be paid out 90 days after the year, however we encourage all employees to use their annual leave.

10) Training for New Routes

Union When an RSMC changes routes because of a bidding process does he get the two days training

Mgmt Yes, fill out a training voucher

11) WBC Creating a New Route

Union Calls will be reviewed from three routes. Will it go through the Transition Committee for approval?

Mgmt Yes, as per the RSMC contract.

12) RSMC Dollies

Union RSMC are requesting dollies which cost about $35.00.

Mgmt Provide us the request and specifications and we will present it to the Transition Committee.

Minutes by L.A. Anastasi (more info)