July 14, 2004 (sic)
Scarborough Local/Metro East Delivery Ops
Monthly Consultation

K. Thorne M. Duquette
L. Anastasi George Tomaszewski
L. Wilkinson George Pratt
Dawn Gayle Learie Charles
Dan Kane Ken Davidson
Sophia Marshall Jack Kelly

Previous Business

1) Previous Business

No results to date

2) Pay Issues

Janice Dixon will be requested to be the SME to work with Ken Davidson to correct pay issues

3) MLC Duties – Training or Scanners, VOP at all stations with MLC’s

Mgmt It is presently being addressed

Union Product delivered to RPO’s are not being signed off as delivery accepted by the RPO. With no signature by the RPO there is no record that the product was dropped off by the driver.

4) Barcharts – not being supplied

Union Stations are not providing the barcharts on a consistent monthly basis The reports received have date that is not accurate, e.g. number of working days

Mgmt The information will be provided and the content of the information provided will be reviewed

Union We expect all the relief positions we are entitled to be implemented

Union YDC – Receiving the AM & PM combined for PT & FT; missing the PM staff

5) Retail/MSC Duties – Willowdale Depot 3

Union The tour sheets have not been receive yet

Mgmt Zone Manager will provide

6) MSC to MLC “C” Restructures

Union Employees are being advised by Richmond Hill they are required to put a transfer in to be considered for LC positions

Mgmt No instructions are being given to MSC’s in reference to transfers; the Richmond Hill letter will be rescinded.

7) Real Estate Plans – Toronto S

Mgmt No definite date at this time; as soon as a date is firmed up we can consult on the move

Union Management sent the letter on group one; no mention was made for group 2 for Article 6.05 change

Mgmt We will review the notice

Union Any information available on the Ajax Retail

Mgmt At this time we are looking at the location but there is nothing definite

Union Any other Real Estate plans coming up

Mgmt Not that we are aware of at this time

8) 280 Progress Night Supervisor

Union There is a clerk going around to do the staffing with the night shift. The clerk was instructed by the Superintendent to gather this information.

Mgmt We are not aware of this and will put a stop to it if it is occurring

9) Unisex Locker Room at Malvern

Union Is this in place?

Mgmt The door for the locker/coat room was removed in agreement with the employees so all the employees could use the room. The door will be replaced and put back to original state.

10) Coverage of MLC/MSC Assignments

Union Willowdale Depot 2 & 3 - using FT LC for the past 2 months for delivery of AM-MLC route and a PM-LC route. These stations are not converted yet.

Mgmt This will be looked into and the union advised

Relief MSC cover MSC’s and Relief LC’s will cover LC’s

11) Lunch on Route and returning to put up mail

Union Employees should not be coming back to the station if they are having lunch on route

Mgmt We will confer with Labour Relations and respond.

New Business

1) Article 54 Agreement – “Daily Bubble” CPC unilateral

Union It was agreed at consultation to provide the union with the daily bubble in lieu of consulting daily on modified duty employees or employees who are away for over 5 days Union Union requests the “Bubble” daily or we will be required to consult every day on modified duty employees Management unilaterally discontinued the report

Mgmt Management will review and advise

Union The Union wishes to receive the “Bubble (modifed duties)” daily until a response is provided

Mgmt Zone 7 has not stopped sending the bubble and will continue to do so.

2) Dispute Mediation Training

Union The Director indicated the Union would be invited to attend when this takes place

Mgmt To date the training has not taken place; will discuss this at the next meeting to update the parties

3) Test of New LC Cases

Mgmt Locations have been identified but no activity will take place at this time. We are still in the preparation process

4) Effective dates of applicatons (Transfers)

Union Transfers have been sent in and not entered until 8 days later, which was not the date of being submitted. The transfer was stamped at WBC.

Mgmt The date effective should be the date it was accepted and date stamped or if it is not received by the supervisor and date stamped, the date would be the day it is received at staffing administration

5) Article 54 – Parcel Model Implementation (Station & Hub Impact)

Union There are 8 people placed under Article 54, which may have to be placed again with the Parcel Project implementation as a result of being moved back to YDC This is just a heads up that we will have to address this in the near future

6) Stouffville H & Safety Tours – Repairs

Union There are numerous issues on the H & Safety monthly minutes that have never been addressed. Union is disappointed at the state of this location and no one is addressing the safety issues

Mgmt This is a Retail office; this information will be forwarded to Pat Dyck and Bob Forsey

7) Seniority List, Temp Lists

Union The temp lists have not been provided for the past 3 ½ months

Mgmt We will look into this and provide the list

8) Health & Safety Tours

Union Not being received from all facilities on a regular basis

Mgmt We will reinforce this with the stations


1) Retail Temp Employee List

No Retail representative in attendance at consultation