Scarborough Local -RSMC / Metro East Delivery Ops
Monthly Consultation
Held June 09 , 2004
280 Progress Ave

J. Gilbert M. Duquette
J. Connery L. Charles
K. VanderPloeg G. Pratt
L. Anastasi
K. Thorne
S. Simpson

Previous Business

1) Pay Problems

Mgmt – the issue of the forty-five day period for payment is being revisited Nationally.

Union – still have outstanding payments for arrears, understood these were to be paid in May. Three routes at 280 and one at West Beaver Creek

We also though that a process to notify what ee’s what the increase represented was to be in place.

Mgmt - will follow up

Union – would like to raise a concern with respect to discrepancies in what ee’s are being paid, found some rtes to have significant differences in pay when compared to routes of similar POC’s feel this may be an issue if transferred to hourly compensation.

Mgmt – not able to provide a response at this time.

New Business

1) Ajax Posting

Union – concern with the staffing of the route at Ajax that just took place this was not posted in the office prior to hiring.

Mgmt – confirmed, by M.Beamish that the posting was sent to the STN for posting.

Union – request that the local be copied on all future postings, this way we be aware and assist as required in issues such as this.

Mgmt – will discuss with the transition committee members

Union – it is also our understanding that three routes will be available at the end of June, none of which have been posted.

Mgmt – will investigate and respond

2) Position Numbers

Union – inquired as to whether the RSMC routes had been assigned

Position numbers similar to L/C routes.

Mgmt – will respond

3) Requests from Ottawa re applications

Union – advised that some employee’s were receiving requests for more information regarding the applications submitted.

Mgmt – we understand that some verification of information is still taking place and as such requests may be forthcoming in that regard.

Union – it is our understanding that the request for fingerprints is the subject of a Policy grievance.

4) Insurance Coverage

Mgmt – advised the local that Heath Lambert Insurance has the one of the

best rates for coverage required under the agreement. They can be reached at 416 620-8030 extension 233 and ask for Mike

5) Modified Duties

Union – an employee who suffered an I.O.D is ready to return on Mod. Duties, but nothing is being offered.

Mgmt – will follow up with transition committee on this issue.

6) Relief Proposal

Union – provided a document indicting a process for relief that could be used next year, requires staffing relief positions.

Mgmt –will review and respond.

7) Health and Safety Committee

Union - feel that the H & S committee should belong to the Scarb. Local

Mgmt –will review and respond.

Next Meeting: Wednesday July 13, 2004 at 280 Progress Ave (following CUPW UPE consultation approx 13:00 hrs )

Distribution : All present

                      P. Mulvihill – Manager, L.R. Central

                      G. Deveau – National Director.CUPW Ontario Region

                      C. Marcil - Manager, National L.R.

                      Information Books – Scarborough Local Stns

                      B. Forsey – Director, Retail Business GTA

                      J. den Bok – Manager, O.H.S.& E.

                      R. Gualtieri – Director, Transportation Services