Scarborough Local / Metro East Delivery Ops
Monthly Consultation
Held June 09, 2004
280 Progress Ave

J. Gilbert M. Duquette
S. Simpson L. Charles
K. Thorne G. Miller
L. Wilkinson
J. Connery
T.C. Chung
B. Forsey
L. Anastasi
A. Kapoor

Previous Business

1) Unionville Article 50 – Walk 12

Mgmt – advised that another block has occurred, we are currently redoing the case strips for an A-33 case.

The Art. 50 will be concluded by the end of June.

2) Pay Issues

Union – this is an ongoing concern, currently temporary employees were advised that a deduction of stat. Pay would be indicated on their pay cheque of June 3, 04 However a deposit, without a statement, should also show in their accounts equal to the deduction indicated on the ay statement. Several employees have advised us that they did not receive the second deposit

Mgmt - will contact D. Kane for investigation and corrective action as required..

Union – from item 8 of new business, the local is being billed twice for union leave, examples provided.

Mgmt - will investigate and respond

Union – item 9 from new business- part-time employees with a 24 hr work schedule are only receiving 20 hrs pay when on annual leave.

Mgmt – SAP does not have a built in 24 hr schedule, therefore a manual entry is needed at the stn to change the schedule to show an 8 hr pay on the Monday. Will reinforce with Stations

Union – item 6 under new business – recovery of monies – Concern that deductions are not being explained to employee’s and as such employees are able to request a 10% recovery.

Mgmt – understand that when entries are adjusted by the station SAP drives the recovery from source, whereas in the past payroll would actually create the recovery. Until a process to resolve can be put in place we ask that employees who as a result of such a recovery find a financial hardship they contact the respective manager. Keep in mind that this only applies to overpayment scenarios.

3) MLC Duties ,Training

Union - presented a scenario whereby an employee reported for his assignment and had not received training on the scanner.

Mgmt - have had discussions with D. Lagree , all L/C’s going to the training school will be given the VOP portion of training we are currently trying to isolate ee’s requiring scanner training however this is proving difficult based on ee movement

we are will be scheduling all Supt’s and Sup for PDT training and conducting audits on the PDT compliance issue. Currently these items are being under used.

Union – also concerned that MSC to MLC conversions are leaving employees in a position that they are not ready for. ie ; term letter carrier promoted to MSC , on paper, then accepts MLC position without ever performing MSC related duties, therefore were not properly trained in the delivery of relays and SLB clearance.

Mgmt – training dept will need to be involved in the MLC staffing in order to address this situation.

4) Bar Charts – Ajax

Union – request that hard copy be sent to them, as the fax copy is ledgible.

Mgmt – Mgr indicated that a hard copy was sent and should be received by Union shortly.

Union – advised that still not in receipt of monthly charts from the stns

Mgmt – mgrs to follow on this issue

5) Bar Chart Data – Plan C Retructures

Union – still have not received the tombstone data pages for those stns that were implemented on March 15, Scarborough F West Hill Malvern, Scarb D. Will. B. have requested the tombstone data for before the restructure and after the restructure.

Also not receiving the the 075’s, 111’s and tombstone data from

those stns were vacant MSC positions are converted to MLC pending a Plan C. Need this info to verify relief numbers.

Mgmt – will follow up with C. & D. Support and stns

The parties also discussed the concerns that have arisen from the conversion of some Pt MSC jobs to Pt MLC, as raised by the letter to D. Racioppa.

It was understood that the agreement to maximize Ft positions will be followed for vacant MSC positions vacated and being converted to MLC prior to Aug, 16, where it is understood any remaining Pt MSC positions will revert to P.T MLC.

Also a discussion took place with respect to the Aug 16, implementation and the bidding

timeframe. Union concerned that tours won’t be available for those ee’s going on A/L.

Mgmt indicated that the superintnendents/ supervisors need to identify and communicate to those employees who may be involved in this process.

6) Willowdale MSC Duties

Mgmt – explained that Retail closed the box operation in Willowdale that serviced the old Will. A boxes and reverted these customers to their primary mode, street address, of delivery. As such some of the MSC tours may be receiving directs, based on standards, C. & D. Support was advised to make the updates as required.

Union - asked if the tours were updated as per the request.

Mgmt – Zone mgr to follow up and supply tour sheets to the union

6) Art . 13.25 Union – wish to have these positions offered by canvas only.

Mgmt – still wish to post, however would allow for the a longer period to ensure that those on leave are aware

7) PCSS / Householder Counts

Mgmt – the issue with respect to the dayrouter’s and the delivery employee should be resolved. It is our intention to provide some additional training to the supts/sup’s of stns that are going to be restructured to assist in the process.

With respect to rtes that do have sufficient volumes of admail product, this could be caused by the customer short shipping, use of outdated counts etc. This cannot be controlled.

Be advised that some customers are unable to make use of our software, or choose not to update their systems and therefore use

alternate sources for counts. – Closed –

8) Members in good Standing

Union – we have not received any further information as to how this is going to handled.

Mgmt – will request update from D. Munn.

9) Error in March Minutes with respect to MLC ‘s at Malvern

Union - advised that in the March minutes it was indicated that MLC’s must return to the station for lunch, feel this may be incorrect.

Mgmt - agree, minutes should have indicated that the rtes are designed for the MLC to return to offload mail after completion of the SLB clearances. They are not required to have lunch at the station. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.

New Business

1) Unisex Washroom at Malvern

Union – it is our understanding that there is or was a unisex washroom at Malvern. Our concern is that this washroom meet the standard for unisex.

Mgmt – we are not aware of any unisex washroom, will investigate and respond.

2) SAIR Reports

Union – the formset now used for the SAIR requires a second page for type and coding of the injury, the Union is not receiving the second page of the form.

Mgmt – will follow up with O.H.S.& E.

Update – this was discussed with the individual responsible for distribution and will be corrected.

3) Supervison at 280 Progress # 1 Shift

Mgmt – advised the Union that this position is now being covered

4) Lunch on route and returning to station

Union – concerned that employees who elect to take meal on rte are then returning to the station and performing next days work.

Mgmt – will discuss with superintendents

5) Relief Coverage on unmanned routes

Union – it has been raised that A/L relief are covering L.T.A., these absences belong to sick and other relief.

Mgmt – as per art 52 relief are assigned by type, however in periods of low A/L , these employees could possibly placed on assignments that turn into LTA. Will review and respond

6) Staffing and Art 54

Union – the parties require a process to discuss employees who have been placed under 54 and submit bids under art 13. case in point involves an employee who was placed in a PO4 function due to need, from a letter carrier position, they have now transferred to FT letter carrier and requires accommodation.

Mgmt – agree with your concern, suggest that we partner to wards this process as well as options to meet both employee’s requirements and the ability to manage the workforce .

Union – we received notice that three PO4 positions will be deleted, in response to our concern was advised that modified duties would be used to supplement. Feel that this situation does not meet article 39 requirements for sufficient regular staff.

Suggest that the parties meet at the earliest opportunity to place those ee’s requiring permanent accommodations in positions that meet restrictions to avoid similar scenarios.

7) Bidding and MLC Conversions

Union – we have found that there is different information being given to employees with respect to bidding under art 13. Some employees are told to bid as soon as the notification is received, while others are told they cannot bid until the actually report to the assignment.

Mgmt – employees who obtain a vacant position under art 13 can and should be involved in bids that are in process at the time they are appointed to the position, regardless of reporting date.


1) Temporary Call in List

Mgmt – as you are aware there is no temporary call-in list for Retail offices within the Scarborough Local, as such we wish to create a list for use in accordance with art 39. absences.

Propose to start with three ( 3) names , one of which will be designated bi-lingual.

Union – Where is the list to be used.?

Mgmt – throughout the local, we will provide training in counter services and ROSS system

Union – would like to see offers for stand alone facilities go to the PT within the local first then use of temp list. The use of these individuals must be restricted to 39.07 LTA’s.

Agree with your proposal, however you should realize that with limited opportunities for work these ee’s may transfer lists to delivery zones.

Mgmt – with respect to the use of PT within the local would like to have the understanding that we would call the temporary employee from the first date required, with the understanding that they may be moved upon the posting for regular ee’s.

Union – would like to be involved the first times that the list is used.

Mgmt – see no problem in that regard. Will send you a draft of our proposal and how it is be utilized.

2) Maple Post Office

Union – any updates on Maple facility.

Mgmt – consideration of moving the retail business to a store front, however no plans are confirmed at this time.

Next Meeting : Wednesday July 13, 2004 10:00 A.M at 280 Progress Ave

Distribution : All present

                      P. Mulvihill – Manager, L.R. Central

                      G. Deveau – National Director.CUPW Ontario Region

                      C. Marcil - Manager, National L.R.

                      Information Books – Scarborough Local Stns

                      B. Forsey – Director, Retail Business GTA

                      J. den Bok – Manager, O.H.S.& E.

                      R. Gualtieri – Director, Transportation Services