Ken Thorne Mike Duquette
Larry Anastasi Charles Learie
Jeff Paulin George Pratt
Larry Wilkinson George Tomaszewski
Barb Stroczan
Chit Samonte
RPeter Brennan
Danny Kane
Jim Gilbert
Stephanie Simpson

1) Monthly Bid Posting, Position Control

Union has received most of this information already. Union would still like the report that CPC will be generating in future.


Management still has no future date at this time. We are still exploring the program for the components we will require. We cannot pull up report with walks, only positions and work schedules are available.

2) Article 50 Unionville

Case is ordered; we have the case strips ready to be inserted when the case arrives. At that time the article 50 count will begin.

3) Pay Issues

Danny Kane is getting pay issues directly from the union. The agreement is the Zone Manager will have an opportunity to rectify the situation first. The next step would be to Jim Gilbert and then following this process the issue goes to Danny Kane.

Union: The station is inputting the correct hours but the employee is not getting paid.

Mgmt: If the information is not input in time it will not make the deadline and get paid the next pay period.

There is a two-week pay cycle and any inputs may not take effect until the following pay cycle.

4) No Rest Period Allowance on Annual Leave

Union: P.T. drivers at YDC are not getting paid for the rest period allowance or annual leave.

Mgmt: An e-mail was sent to all stations indicating the allowance will be in the pay and not sent out separately.

5) MLC Duties; Training on Scanners, VOP, All stations

Union requesting training for people going on new routes and for employees so they can accept overtime on equal opportunity.

Management is training ongoing as employees are bidding on positions, we are looking at ways to improve this process.

Scanners; 1724 in GTA, only 200 are being used on the street; not all employees should be taking scanners on route, those with the highest volumes of traceable products should be using the scanners on street.

Trained employees are not taking the scanners on the street; this adds extra work for the clerks and increases cost.

Training is not the issue; the issue is employees are resisting using the scanners on street.

We will reassign the scanners to specific routes, the routes that have the highest volume.

Union; Our biggest concern is the MLC training as a result of the bids and the VOP.

Management is putting a new process into place to identify which employees have VOP’s when they bid on MLC tours.

6) Bar Charts – Ajax

They will be forwarded to the union next Wednesday at the latest.

7) Bar Chart Review – West Hill, Scarborough D and Willowdale B

Scarborough F provided them already

LR would like to set up a consultation to discuss the requirement to merge the data or recreate the bar charts.

Union provided the bar chart program version 3.19.F; the stations are using version 3.18 which is giving the wrong calculations. The 3.19 .F version is identical to version 3.18 however it designed to accommodate a very large station population

Union agrees we do not have to merge the information but they would like the tombstone data.

Management will provide the bar charts.

8) Severance Pay Errors

Union has about 800 complaints a grievance has been filed on behalf of the members.

The majority of issues were temps and part-time employees.

9) Retail Duties/MSC Duties – Willowdale Depot 3

Management: A notice was sent to Bob Erwin in May 4, 1992 to consult. It was agreed the dealer across the street would pick up the mail.

Union: The person who was picking up the mail and delivering it is quitting. Is it going to be added to an MSC?

Management; this work was being done by a contractor.

Union has a concern about a contractor inside the iron ring.

Management will get back to the union.

10) Article 13.25 Response

Union still wants the offer to part time employees conducted by canvassing as opposed to postings.

Management has determined it is more effective to do a posting as opposed to canvassing and phoning.Union indicates they are opposed to using postings since employees who are on annual leave may miss the postings.

Management will look at other alternatives.

11) MSC to MLC “C” Restructures Schedule

Union was advised that restructure will be worked on in the east area, for east stations as opposed to doing the work in Oakville.

12) “A” Restructure Schedule

Union is requesting the present “A” Restructure Schedule.

Management can provide the one-year schedule, however to provide 2006 and 2007 would be only speculation which is

contingent on growth, possible unexpected costs and many other factors. This information may be misleading and possibly individuals may make decisions based on the schedules.


Union is waiting on responses on:

4) Members in good standing – Hiring/Promoted

6) Posting of LTA in Group


1) PCSS Errors

Union: Employees are not getting paid for the proper admail totals. The customer is providing the totals on the net that is less than what is actually on the route.

Mgmt: This is being reviewed.

Mgmt: There have been some system problems with compression from UADS that we are reviewing. This is causing a higher rate of pay.We have gone back to look at this; until the payment was generated we did not know there was an issue.

We have now a process where the system will not compress the mailing automatically. We are using this system to manually correct the compression system.

There is a customer and plant education required to ensure the proper process is followed correctly.

2) Real Estate Plan

What is the Corporations 5-year plan?

At this time we will be moving out of Ajax and not merging Pickering.Management has looked at a “priority table” and an “operational table” (partially completed); these will result in some changes.Having said this there are many implications with municipalities that have ongoing changes as does CPC. It is difficult to have anything concrete.Management will advise the local and give appropriate notice as soon as we have definite changes.Union concerns centers around the parcel model and structuring routes in different work locations and we move a month down the road it is a lot of work for nothing.3) Green TubsUnion: Parcel Model each station will be storing the large green polyflute tubs which would have to be picked up.

MSC’S may need keys to the stations to get to their equipment.Mgmt: We will review processes at that time.

4) Retail

Union: Retail would like to set up their own temp list for all their locations.

Management’s understand is that the temp list will be for Retail stand-alone.

Union is open to the creation of an additional temp list.

5) Computers

Union was advised that the “CAP” Community Access Program, computers will be taken out of Ajax, Unionville, Richmond Hill, West Beaver Creek and Don Mills.

Management: There will be a customer impact so it will be suggested to Retail to advise the community.

Minutes by L.Anastasi

Ken Thorne Mike Duquette
Larry Anastasi Charles Learie
Jeff Paulin George Pratt
Larry Wilkinson George Tomaszewski
Barb Stroczan
Chit Samonte
RPeter Brennan
Danny Kane
Jim Gilbert
Stephanie Simpson


In Attendance

Management Union

Kelly VanderPloeg Mike Duquette

Shafin Valla George Pratt

Larry Anastasi Learie Charles

Ken Thorne George Tomaszewski

Jim Gilbert

Stephanie Simpson

1) ADMAIL Delivery – Schedule

Management – one-day admail delivery is the requirement, however we are prepared to negotiate. Where overburdening is evident local management will review and defer appropriate Admail.

On any product the customer wants one-day delivery it will have to be delivered in one day.

2) Schedule “A”

We do not have copies in all offices, the Union National Office has them and they are available if requested from them.

The annual admail count is available at the station. The stations have POC; detail of travel etc.

Contact Shafin Valla and he can provide some of the information requested for individual routes where obvious issues are evident. We cannot supply all schedule “A” due to the updating of routes..

3) Pay Problems

Union – in March anyone who received an increase did not get a pay stub.

Mgmt - Kelly will send George a link web site that may be able to recreate pay stubs; it may be available in self-service for RSMC also.

Mgmt - Kelly will contact Danny Kane about this issue. George will provide the names of the employees who did not get a pay stub.

Union – 2 more pay problems; SS4, 5 and 6 at 280 Progress has not been paid for his growth and increase of travel.

Mgmt – This will be addressed by this Friday.

Maple – SS16 and 18

Union – No payment for new calls; the paperwork was sent in.

Mgmt – Shafin will look into this.

4) All updates are been paid.

5) Parcel volume increases – don’t have to wait a year for payment if high volume changes. However we must follow the collective agreement.

6) Percentage POC and kilometers we will follow the C/A and action as required..

7) Compensation for gas price; Kelly will review with the Transition Committee and respond.


8) Union Observers for Route Updating

Management at the present time advises that they decline the union’s offer.

9) Weight Limits

Oversize items are acceptable as long as they are not over 66 pounds.

If there are parcels over 66 pounds they should be brought to the attention of the supervisor for escalation and assistance. We can provide carts and assistance.

These heavy parcels should have stickers indicating a heavy item. The supervisor should follow up with the mailer to advise them on CPC policy on this matter..

10) Insurance

The RSMC should be requesting “Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance” with their insurance company not “Business Insurance” this insurance must have a minimum of $1 million liability coverage.

Minutes by Larry Anastasi