Scarborough Local / Metro East Delivery Ops
Monthly Consultation
Held March 10, 2004
280 Progress 

K. Vander Ploeg M. Duquette
S. Simpson L. Charles
K. Thorne K. Munday
D, Kane G.Miller
L. Wilkinson K. Davidson
J. Connery  
P. Brennan  
S. Samonte  
F. Ala  

Previous Business

1) Unionville Article 50 – Walk 12

Mgmt – advised the union that the package is still with Delivery Services

2) Pay Issues

The parties agreed to table this to a separate meeting to be held on March 18, 04 at Gateway facility. There was considerable dialogue between the parties with respect to individual problems as well roles and process.

3) Member in good standing – Hiring/ promoted

Mgmt – will escalate to Manager of LR for Regional discussion

4) Overtime on Biweekly Cheques

Mgmt – Danny Kane will raise with national to see if it is possible to adjust pay format.

5) Posting of LTA in Group 1 ( 39.07) New language

Mgmt – this will take place as per C/A by installation

Union – we understand that our concern is that if an error is made in the application and we are not involved form the start the corporation is at risk of liabilities for employees affected. The Union is asking for either a bid format or some paper trail that can be shared at the time of the LTA coverage

Mgmt – Employee Admin. will look at a process and respond .

6) Loss of Benefits Retroactively

Mgmt – as indicated at previous meeting, with the implementation of release 3, Time and Leave, the stations will now more aware of employees credits. Whereas in the past the system did not match an entry with credits such as sick leave time and leave prompts advises when credits are exhausted. This in turn would prompt the supervisor to complete a TSOS, based on duration of absence, for Employee Relations., which in turn prompts benefits to notify employee.

Union – concern that the MLC finish time goes beyond the station closing time, issue with the SLB draw as stn closed.

Mgmt - it is our understanding that MLC must return to the station for lunch , and as such the SLB draw is offloaded and dispatched.

Union – also raises the issue with the availability of lockers for personal items, no access after completion of duties.

Mgmt – will respond

New Business

1) Ajax Bar Charts

Union - advised that they are not receiving the bar charts from Ajax.

Mgmt - this will be provided, in fact the stn is working on them currently. Had a problem with the program which was recently fixed

Union - the data will be required to be vetted with the union rep

Mgmt - agree.

Union - also have an issue with West Beaver Creek, there is no trained union rep to vet the data.

Mgmt – advised the union that adhoc training was provided to an employee and this employee is vetting data with the supervisor.

2) Bar chart review for restructured stns

Union – we are requesting the trend sheets , tombstone data for the past twelve months for Malvern, West Hill, Scarborough D, F and Willowdale B. This is required for MSC’s as well. Due to the implementation of MLC need to merge data for purposes of relief.

Mgmt – will review requirements and respond.

3) Severance Pay

Mgmt – advised the Union that this issue is being addressed nationally, the corporation is reissuing letters to employees with surnames beginning with A- C. It seems that errors in some of the calculations for some employees were made. A revised package is being sent.

Union – realizing that it being addressed nationally we have a concern that the employer is using scheduled hours as opposed to worked hours. The concern is in fact that some employee’s schedules were in fact different from what was on record. In the past an employee was not “tied” to a position number on HRIS where a bid took place and the resultant movement was within the stn.

Mgmt – the letters have identified contact information should an employee have a concern with their information.

Union – still have concern with accuracy of the information being used.

4) MSC Duties Willowdale Depot 3

Union – we have been advised that Retail Ops is closing the outlet utilized for the box customers from the former Willowdale Stn A. We learned that in fact a CPC contractor was shuttling mail between Will Depot 3 and the outlet, this work belongs to CUPW. Further it is our understanding that the contractor delivered to some business ‘ as a direct, again that work belongs to CUPW – MSC’s.

Mgmt – will have to investigate with the Retail Ops group and respond.

Union – be advised that a grievance may be submitted for contracting out of work. We were advised that Delivery Services has been asked to assign this work to CUPW now.

Mgmt – again need to investigate.

5) Scarborough Depot 11 – Alarm

Union – raised a concern that on Tuesday the burglar alarm went off and no supervisor on duty to assist. Knowing that the supervisor responsible was on training attempted to contact the back up from Unionville, - not available. When the control centre was called no response from any management representative until John Martin reported. The alarm was going from approx 01:00 to 05:00 hrs.

ADT responded but was unable to turn it off. Concern that no one was called by the control centre to disconnect or repair.

Mgmt – will follow up with control centre and respond to the issue.

6) Thornhill Relief

Mgmt – with the signing of the new agreement relating to the deletion of components wish to combine the relief staff at West Beaver Creek, currently picking by old component.

Union – we have no concerns in doing that.



1) MSC tour value changes

Union – concern that MSC tours are being changed without observers, the changes are movement of calls between tours and as such represents a restructure not updates.

Mgmt – not aware that calls are being moved, the only change is the inclusion of RPO’s from 1 Yonge St being added.

Union – majority of drivers received new tour sheets in Janaury, if in fact these represent movement of calls between rtes suggest that tours be returned to original.

Mgmt – will investigate and respond

Next Meeting : Wednesday April 13, 2004 10:00 A.M at 280 Progress Ave

Distribution : All present

                      P. Mulvihill – Manager, L.R. Central

                      G. Deveau – National Director.CUPW Ontario Region

                      C. Marcil - Manager, National L.R.

                      Information Books – Scarborough Local Stns

                      B. Forsey – Director, Retail Business GTA

                      J. den Bok – Manager, O.H.S.& E.

                      R. Gualtieri – Director, Transportation Services

Scarborough Local -RSMC / Metro East Delivery Ops<
Monthly Consultation
Held March 10, 2004
280 Progress Ave

F. Ala M. Duquette
S. Simpson L. Charles
K. Thorne G. Pratt
D, Kane G.Miller
J. Connery K. Davidson
K. Vander Ploeg  

1) Maple Post Office

Mgmt – advised the union that no changes in the delivery span of admail will occur.

Union - questioned why different rules

Mgmt – replied that 1 day delivery for RR & SS is the standard, however suggest that this can be reviewed with the Transition Team with respect to situations of overburdening.

Union - is mgmt still going to allow people to work on Sat to prep for Monday delivery.

Mgmt -,no, also be advised the 07:00 starting time will not be changed.

It was reviewed prior to making the change. This allows the mail to be distributed prior to the delivery staff arriving.

Union – you have no issue with missed commitments

Mgmt – advised that union that delivery commitments are to be made, believe that it was required to break off line of route as needed to ensure commitment. This is the same process for other delivery employees. Will confirm.

2) West Beaver Creek

Mgmt – advised the union that in fact discussions did take place with respect to the changes on the routes.

Union – agree, however no compensation has been received for the change, nor has a new schedule A been sent. The rtes involved are SS 5 , SS 23, SS 24

Mgmt – will follow up.

3) Parcel Model Impact

Union – raised a concern that employees should be included in the training taking place for other employees as increase in volumes will take place and need to use new or different equipment Again remind you of the concern with respect of the increased volumes form the U.E.C., in some cases current vehicles will not meet the needs.

Mgmt - no changes for these employee’s already delivering product however will review the impact concern and respond.

4) Pay Problems

Union – concern that CPC is unable to address pay concerns , have been advise that it could take a month to receive money owed.

Mgmt - D. Kane investigated and responded that there is a process in place to address pay problems. Submissions received in Ottawa should be paid, emergency runs are being made as required.. Kelly Vander Ploeg to check information packages.

5) Schedule A;s

Union – still have not received the copies of the schedule ‘A” ‘s as indicated , this were expected in December.

Mgmt – will follow up with transition team and respond.

6) Union Observers

Union – it is our understanding that you have personal out verifying detail of travels for the RSMC routes, would like to suggest that the union be allowed to participate, we will provide and pay for observers to work on these routes.

Mgmt – realizing that there is no requirement to so, we will escalate to the transition committee.

Union – feel that our participation will reduce any complaints that may arise, similar to LC restructuring.

Mgmt – will take under advisement and respond.

Next Meeting : Wednesday April 13, 2004 at 280 Progress Ave (following CUPW UPE consultation approx 13:00 hrs )

Distribution : All present

                      P. Mulvihill – Manager, L.R. Central

                      G. Deveau – National Director.CUPW Ontario Region

                      C. Marcil - Manager, National L.R.

                      Information Books – Scarborough Local Stns

                      B. Forsey – Director, Retail Business GTA

                      J. den Bok – Manager, O.H.S.& E.

                      R. Gualtieri – Director, Transportation Services