Scarborough Local / Metro East Delivery
Monthly Consultation
Held February 11, 2004
280 Progress Ave

Previous Business

Sun Life Applications

Mary Beamish, Benefits Manager, provided all present a presentation on the process to activate the application fro Sun Life Disability benefits. The application consists of four (4) forms. One for the applicant to complete, one for the family doctor, one is completed by Canada Posts Health Services ( Medisys)and one is completed by payroll.

The application is sent either by request of the supervisor, Medisys or the employee. It takes approx 6-8 weeks to be processed.

With the release of BT R/3 the process should be expedited.

The Union indicated that the real concern was where the responsibility laid to initiate the forms, employer or employee.

In response M. Beamish indicated both, however the supervisors should be in a position to request the application when required, such as an employee being TSOS due to illness, however as indicated R/.3 will assist in that regard when the TSOS information is entered into SAP.

J. Gilbert assured the Union that communication to the field operators will be conducted. The Union raised the concern that employees who have been retroactively TSOS ‘d, due to a leave of absence, are not notified and claims submitted are being rejected.

Ms Beamish indicated that employees are sent notices when benefits cease and includes an option form for completion. As for those affected by a back dated TSOS , will require follow up.

2) Monthly Bids

Mgmt – advised the local that the Group1 posting is currently out, a copy was presented to local. Also advised that the locked cases have not been installed in all the offices, the smaller locations are still to be completed.

Group 2 MSC posting is scheduled for Monday February 16 and the letter carrier scheduled for Feb. 23, 04 L. Wilkinson indicated that the unions proposal for 13 yearly postings is still under consideration.

Union – the proposal allows for a predictable schedule as in the past.

Mgmt – we have sent out the new bid form, this is to used throughout the GTA.

Union – Request that the posting be sent via email to , concerned that the variable hours for some ee’s in both group 1 and group 2 are indicated, Mondays may have an earlier start.

The parties discussed the wish to meet and discuss the MSC to LC transfer on file. Discussed the need for a strategy to assist the employees in making an informative decision with respect to the opportunities in the future. The union raised a concern that not enough positions will be available to address those involved in the MSC to MLC conversions. Management indicated that with the right communication and planning we can successfully wind down the stn MSC operation and address the employees issues.

The Union indicated that management was to provide a position control as of Feb 01, 2004, this has not yet been received. Will need this in order to discuss any staffing issues. Management advised that the report the union wanted is not available, cannot produce a positon #, name and assignment report from SAP. Can provide the position # and name.

Union will accept that report.

3) Unionville Article 50 – Walk 12

Mgmt – advised the union that the package has been completed and forwarded to Delivery Services.

Union – asked for the Article 50 Workload Justification report as listed in the CMS with respect to those art 50 requests that are not completed, suggest this is the form used to as a pre art 50 assessment by management.

Mgmt – yes it is completed to determine if the need for a art 50 is necessary, will share this in the future.

4) New transfer forms

Mgmt – these are available at all stations, also have an order number that stns can reorder them. Advised the Union that over 300 forms , from within the GTA, were returned, in those cases a blank form was also sent.

Union – concern that someone may miss an opportunity if the form was returned and an vacancy arose.

Mgmt – will advise if any such issues are raised.

5) Station restructures

Mgmt – will be following the schedule as provided.

Union – it is still our position that the “C’s” not be implemented as per the schedule, feel that they should all be implemented at the same time , either for July 31 or after. This would allow for 1 bid to take place as opposed to moving MSC’s every month until the parcel model is implemented.

Mgmt – the impact to the PCSS is too great, as well training may be factor. It is easier to train a few ee’s at a time and maintain service. Operators have been advised to participate in this process to address overassment which in turn creates more FT positions alleviation of the workload and less requirement for art 50’s.

Have also advised the Superintendents to communicate to those employees have not requested transfers, in what options are available.

6) Pay Issues

The parties agreed to table this to a separate meeting.

7) Back up Alarms

Mgmt – advised the local that this has been addressed in the past, fleet management will not install these due to noise bylaws and our vehicles operating in or close to residential areas.

8) Enhanced Disability Management Program

Mgmt – This is a pilot project, however at this time Delivery is not part of the pilot. This is designed for Medisys to manage long term absences.

9) Member in good standing – Hiring/ promoted

Mgmt – advised the union that with the new staffing process we cannot determine who has or has not paid the union membership. Terms anywhere in the MAPP can apply for indeterminate status. Suggest that this be raised at the Regional meeting.

New Business

1) Overtime on Biweekly Cheques

Union – concern that employees were not advised that the overtime payment is actually for the two week period prior to that pay period.

Mgmt – will seek a communication bulletin from Corporate Communications

2) Posting of LTA in Group 1 ( 39.07) New language

Union – concern that with the new language the preferred and non preferred LTA ‘s will be filled incorrectly, we have found two situations were the non preferred absences were filled incorrectly in the past, as the new language follows the same process used for non preferred feel that if the union is not advised errors may occur.

Mgmt – understand your concerns, we must educate those responsible for staffing such absences. Will review and respond

3) Parking Fines

Union – provided a copy of a letter issued by R. Gualtieri, concerned about tickets received where drivers are parked as per the route assessment.

Mgmt – there is no change to our current practice, if the parking ticket is received while performing Corporations business and is in line the values provided, ie fire routes and relay boxes in apt driveways, it will be paid. We will not pay for tickets incurred while not on CPC business.

4) Vehicle Security – New CMS Directive

Union – asked if we had seen the draft copy of the new regulations for vehicle security.

Mgmt - the Director advised he had seen this document.

5) MLC duties – Malvern

Union – received questions with respect to the MLC at Malvern which requires some clarification. If the MLC are not finished their sortation duties by the relay departure time are they required to cut off and deliver the relays or continue to sort.

Mgmt – they would be expected to cut off and deliver the relays, and then return for the sortation. We had requested that the relays be spreadout among as many routes as possible. Communication will take place with the employees.

6) M.H.E List

Mgmt – provided the local with the latest M.H.E employee trained list. This item should be addressed at the JOSH meetings and should provided monthly by Training.


1) Staffing LTA – Stand alone Offices

Mgmt – raised the concern that in some of the retail offices, the provisions of 39.07 would result in the use of temporary employees serving the counter’s. We propose that where there is no access to part-time staff that a canvass of the post office takes place first.

Union – there are no facilities in the local that do not have part-time employees, therefore see no need to canvass other facilities. Temporary employees can be used to back fill the part-time.

Mgmt – that raises the concern that we have not established a temporary employee call in list for retail.

Union - suggest you use the Delivery call in list that is applicable.

Mgmt - in an office like Stouffville, which is not in a Delivery Zone do we create a list ?

Union – suggest that use Zone 7 list.

Mgmt – will review with Director and respond.


1) On Board Computer Monitoring

Mgmt – as follow up to this item from the last meeting and the submission by the local to the National CUPW, it was discussed at the National Parties monthly consultation of anuary. The issue was put on the agenda for the February 04,04. These minutes have not been distributed as of this meeting. Will provide upon receipt.

New PO 4 positions

Union – it is our understanding that you may be “borrowing” PO 4’s from the BMF to perform keying duties, suggest that you train and use temporary employees from the East Post Office.

Mgmt – we do not plan to borrow any staff, the items being received will be keyed at the BMF.

Union – our understanding that you were to borrow starting next week.

Mgmt – no, the parcels will be send primed to YDC but the barcodes will be keyed at the BMF. Suggest we table this until the parcel meeting.

Next Meeting : Wednesday March 10, 2004 10:00 A.M at 280 Progress Ave

Distribution : All present

                     P. Mulvihill – Manager, L.R. Central

                     G. Deveau – National Director.CUPW Ontario Region

                     C. Marcil - Manager, National L.R.

                     Information Books – Scarborough Local Stns

                     B. Forsey – Director, Retail Business GTA

                     J. den Bok – Manager, O.H.S.& E.

                     R. Gualtieri – Director, Transportation Services