Scarborough Local / Metro East Delivery
Monthly Consultation
Held January 20, 2004
280 Progress Ave

L. Anastasi M. Duquette
T. Kulesh L. Charles
J. Connery K. Munday
P. Brennan
S. Samonte
J. Gilbert
M. Gilston
K. Vanderploeg
B. Stroczan
L. Wilkinson

Old Business

1) Walk 118 – West Beaver Creek

Union - The consultation discussed at last months meeting has not yet taken place

Mgmt - Have some scheduling conflicts in trying to get all the parties together, however suggest that with the upcoming MSC conversions use that opportunity to review the route.

Union - We have been advised that the sort for (rte 121) has been reduced from the five and one half ( 5 ½) hrs to approx three ( 3) hrs with no reason provided.

Mgmt – will contact the station for response.

2) Parcel Model – Data Capture

Union – advised that the project meetings will be resuming and as such will be conducting stn visits again for data verification .

3) Unionville Walk 12

Mgmt – the employee was on modified duties therefore the package was not completed in Dec as indicated

Union – no requirement for the ee to be on the route

Mgmt - will commence on January 26, 2004

4) Station Restructures

Mgmt – A new schedule has been produced, has the Union received a copy?

Union – Yes, our understanding that Markham Don Mills and Stn O will be ‘A ‘ restructures

Mgmt – currently wheeling in Markham, blocking for Don Mills / O scheduled for March ‘04

5) Article 20.11 – Recovery of borrowed pay

Union - on going issue

Mgmt – verified the CPC position is that recovery under the old agreement where the credits were provided under the previous agreement for Group 2 – request that the Local confer with the national CUPW. Will invite Danny Kane to next meeting.

6) Private Vehicles

Mgmt – Zone 6 provided a list of those employees who had at time of restructures had opted in as well as those now receiving PV allowance.

Union - agree that the process was not administered and monitored until approx. three (3) yrs ago.

Mgmt – suggest that with all stns to be restructure by 2006 take that opportunity, as stns are implemented to correct the situation as both parties are aware of the requirements set out in the C/A.

Union – will SAP be able to monitor payments

Mgmt – should assist, as payments will be based on input for the route.

7) Returning to Facility for O.T. when exercising flex meal option

Union – still feel that those employees exercising the flex meal option, and are not portal to portal, should not be entitled to emergency overtime

Mgmt – feel that this is a grey area as Art. 15 does not cover the application of overtime rules, art 15 indicates the rules for establishing lists, the penalty for bypass’ , definition of equal opportunity. It is our position that emergency overtime is offered by the list to those employees on site when the overtime is required.

Union – feel that those who have completed their routes are finished when the drop the last letter, and are not required to return, therefore are in the workplace inappropriately. These employee are not allowed to work on advanced mail that may be available as this is considered to be an early start so why would they be entitled to the overtime.

Mgmt – nothing in art 15 excludes them

Union – feel that art 14 applies, as well as 48.

New Business

1) Station Visits / MSC to MLC Conversions

Mgmt – ask the Union how their visits were progressing.

Union – there are on going, employees feel that they are getting more information, realize that the corporation communication has to some what generic in content, Employees have raised the issue that the new transfer forms are not available in the stns.

Mgmt –have limited supply which we will send to the zone office for distribution to the stns,

Union –Another concern is the limit of twelve (12) options, should an employee wish to have additional choices will SAP accept and should they submit two (2) forms and change the numbering on on the second.

Mgmt – yes, change the numbering on the second page to follow the choices.

Union – it is our understanding that the 6.05 list is posted electronically yet not all employees have access to it.

Mgmt – currently working on a list for publication, national has to make some changes to the previous list.

Union – we are advising everyone that transfers must be submitted by Jan 23, 04 in order to be considered for any vacancies effective Feb 01,04.

Mgmt – in order to ensure best possible solution for employees we will not be staffing any positions until the second week of Feb, 04 realize this is new process for employees and mgmt.

Asked the local if the PT MSC’s were asking for information

Union – yes, however not in a position to advise employees recognising the parties do have an agreement on the process to be used.

Mgmt – we have met with the Toronto Local and would like to share with you, for consistency, that discussion. The Union observers will be provided an opportunity to review any stns already structured. Toronto requested to defer the February implementations. We agreed that the walk holders based on the 075’s would be the determining factor for bid entitlement.

Our concern is whether the PT MSC’s are fully understanding of the impact of these conversions

Union – we have been very clear in our discussions, employees are aware of the impact.

We had suggested a one time implementation of July 31,04 so as to lessen impact. The options to be left as implementations are scheduled will result in some MSC’s being forced to a different shift and fewer hrs at YDC. We are trying to encourage them to look at FT LC positions by submitting transfers now.

We also can foresee some art 54 situations arising when the implementations start.

We would like to take this opportunity to advise that T. Parks will be filing an objection for Stn C based on the way the work was split up and given to day routers. Would suggest that T. Parks be given an opportunity to review those stns completed.

Mgmt - Dave Racioppa has indicted that the schedule is flexible to the extent that stns not talking as much time as allowed for the RMO’s will move to the next stn as per the schedule layout but at an earlier date. Same will occur in reverse .As for holding the implantation until July 31 , there is an issue with the plants and the changes to the BCS .

Union – understand that this may occur

We would like the first consideration in creating these routes to be over assessed routes or PT rtes with no business calls. Also be advised that with these new routes training will may be required in order to cover both by relief and O.T. V.O.P’s will be necessary.

Mgmt – That may be an issue, most new hires have V.O.P’s. will obtain a list by station.

We expect the Supt’s to be involved in the restructure process to determine the best fit.

Union – would like to avoid sort for /day route duties added to MSC tours, suggest that the work be spread out as much as possible to decrease waiting time for the L.C’s.

Mgmt - Given that all stns will be restructured by 2006 any concerns can be addressed in that process.

Union - Do you foresee that art 53 will be required ?

Mgmt - No, we anticipate that we can place all those affected, suggest history shows most MSC’s transfer to the L.C. function as soon as possible.

Union – agree, however the new Art 13 will result in faster staffing which may cause an over staffing in some cases. Keep in mind that art 54 accommodations are to be considered prior to bidding of assignments.

Mgmt - will the local consider freezing staffing at this time during the restructures?

Union – will respond. Update – By way of a letter dated January 22, 04 the Local advised they cannot agree to any freeze.

2) Monthly Bidding

Mgmt – proposed a the following cycle for the monthly bids;

Group 1 second week of the month

MSC Tour third week of the month

L.C Walk forth week of the month

Suggest however the first L.C bid will take a little longer to complete and post results, so may eliminate at least 1 LC bid.

Union – realize that the C/A indicates monthly bids for the LC, however we have a practices in this area to post in conjunction with the A/L blocks. – the Tuesday of the second week results posted on the Thursday of the third week. This allows those on A/L to see the postings. Employees are now used to this, it also makes it easier for both parties to monitor for compliance.

Mgmt – Suggest that to use that schedule will result in time constraints with respect to posting both the available assignments, then the results and finally the assigning of the unassigned L.C’s. as your schedule adds 1 additional posting yearly. We will however look at the possibility of keeping the schedule. Will advise

Union – it has come to our attention that some stns have postings that may close after February 01.

Mgmt – will verify, everyone was advised that any January postings must be implemented prior to Feb. 01, 04.

Union – will there be a new form, if so please ensure stns are supplied

Mgmt - yes, a standard form will be used. and forwarded to all stns

3) Pay Issues

Union – some concern from employee’s with respect to Dec 03 O.T. The new stubs did not indicate period of payment, how can the employee’s reconcile hrs when the period is not indicated.

Mgmt – with the new system some growing pains are expected, we will address any individual concerns of employees as required.

3) Admail Payments

Union – concerned with payment to the delivery employee when routes are covered by RLC or on O.T. non compliance to the A,B.,C breakdowns.

Mgmt - the HIMS records the delivery employee and applies the payment based on a single relief of a number of relief, we recognise that individual L.C. may complete delivery of a flyer ahead of the due date, it has been accepted practice as a balance of payments is resulting , Case where discrepancies have been identified sup’s have adjusted the data to reflect a payment to the delivery employee.

4) RSMC Contacts

Union – we have received a package from our Regional office identifying contacts for each facility in the Region except for the Toronto area. Have you assigned contact personal?

Mgmt – Shaffin Valla from Delivery Planning has been assisting in the employment offers and packages to the contractors. Dave Dobson is the Labour Relations Officer for this group.

Union - we have been advised that RSMC employees have been asked to resend information already sent, as it cannot be located in Ottawa. Yet confirmation of delivery has been confirmed.. This has resulted in some added costs for documents such as the drivers abstract.

Mgmt – introduced Kelly Vanderploeg, Manager Zone 2, who will be responsible for the implementation of the both the RSMC and new Urban Postal Operations Collective agreement. Kelly will be setting up sub committees to discuss issues, develop communication packages etc.. Would like to invite representative from Scarborough Local to join. Separate meetings will be scheduled.

Union – will provide name(s).

5) Health and Safety Changes

Mgmt – introduced Mike Gilston, Officer Health and Safety, who is now taking the lead in accident prevention and workplace wellness for Metro Delivery East. Allan Ackerman for Delivery East will now administer WSIB claims.

Y.D.C. will have Alex Cassar for prevention and wellness and Angie DeVoe for WSIB claims.

Union – request an updated Contact list

Mgmt –will provide

Union - there was a situation in Maple on January 09, and it was difficult to determine who to call.

Mgmt – Both Maple and Gormley are CPAA offices and fall under the Retail Organization. The Manager in charge is Dave Baldock .Bill St Germain will be the Preventation Officer for Maple and Mike Gilston for Gormley. The Delivery Director to discuss with retail Director regarding the safety committee structure.

6) Sun Life Applications

Union – It is our understanding that employees who have/reach twenty or less sick credits are to sent the Sun Life application. This is not taking place.

Mgmt – will invite John den Bok to attend next meeting

7) Back-up Buzzers on Corporate Vehicles

Union – feels that back-up alarms should be installed on corporate vehicles.

Mgmt - has been reviewed in the past, however will escalate to J. Wozney,.

8) Assignment to positions under Art 13

Mgmt - agree to set with the Local where this situation arises for for the first few bids.

9) New Custom IDB sheets

Union – received complaints from L.C’s that a new process requiring a single sheet for each Customs item has been implemented.

Mgmt – this started only this week and is controlled by the system by generating the form.

Union – feel that this creates additional paperwork to handle unnecessarily.

10) Art 4 - New Indeterminate/ Temporary Hires

Union – concerned that the local is no longer receiving the list of new hires to confirm compliance with Art 4 .

Mgmt – will follow up with Employee Admin

Union - in the past an agreement was in place to notify the union when training classes of new temporary employee’s takes place, and allow the union 15 minutes with the employees sign them up and discuss the role of the union. We understand that since J. Maher has left this has not occurred

Mgmt – will follow –up


1) Pay Issue

Mgmt – have discussed the concern with the Manager involved and rectified the problem.


1) On Board Computer

Union - advised that this was part of the Winnipeg Parcel Project and was objected to at that time. There has been no local consultation, and not aware of any national consultation.

It is our position that it cannot be used to discipline, as a watch system can only be used to protect the mail from theft.

Mgmt - will investigate as to the level of consultation and respond, however as the information received indicated 22 vehicles in Toronto wanted to share the documents with the Local.

Next meeting : Wednesday Feb 11, 04 10:00 AM

280 Progress Ave.

Distribution : All present

                     P. Mulvihill. - Manager L.R. Central

                     G. Deveau - Director, CUPW Ontario Region

                     C. Marcil - Manager, National L.R.

                     Information Books – Scarb Local Stns

                     D. Racioppa - Manager, Delivery Support

                     J. Denbok - Manager, O.H.S. & E.

                     B. Forsey - Director, Retail Business GTA

                     L.Caruso - Officer O.H.S. & E

                     K. Mather - Officer , Employee Administration- Delivery

                     L. Wilkinson - Manager, Employee Administration