L. Anastasi M. Duquette
J. Paulin J. McLaughlin
D. Thurston G. Miller
S. Dawson T. Parks
F. Ala S. Rivet
L. Jeffrey
J. Connery

The parties reviewed the package sent to both local management and the local union from Delivery support.. Agreement on the number of positions identified both present and post restructure. Implementation date February 16, 2004

There will be a net increase of 4 FT and 1 Pt letter carrier, and a reduction of 2 Pt MSC positions. This resulted from a conversion to the MLC model.

Union asked about the M1X FSA, Management responded that 3 Pt positions are involved in the move to 280 Progress a total of 331 Points of call. The Union indicated that there was some FT position currently in M1X, management advised that those positions crossed FSA’s and were created to provide FT in Malvern as opposed to PT at the last restructure.

The Union noted that they had a concern with Ironside Trail not being included, feel this belongs to letter carrier delivery. Management advised that this concern was sent to Delivery Planning for reply.

Update – The area in question is the subject of a grievance already that has not been resolved between the parties, under App E. The area is outside the Letter Carrier Delivery Boundaries (previously referred to as the Iron Ring). When the LCDB were established in 1985 exceptions were made for calls that received LC delivery outside the new boundary. This is a case were certain calls were addressed outside the boundary and received delivery by L.C to GMB’s inside the boundary. Further complicating the issue was the fact that some buildings on Tapscott were given LC delivery in error. Taking all the facts into consideration Ironside Trail does not qualify for L.C delivery.

The parties reviewed the suggested start times, no objections were raised. The Union however did request and was provided the inside duties times of the new routes.

The parties discussed the bidding process and needs for accommodation. No employees require consideration for accommodation. Discussion regarding one individual that appears will not be returning to duty. The Corporation agreed to mirror this individual in a position so that no impact to other employees. In the unlikely event the employee returns an assignment will be found with consultation.

The Union suggested that no bidding start until the end of the fifteen day review is completed by the Union. As such the parties agreed to commence the bid on Monday January 26, 2004. The Union also indicated that those on and proceeding on annual leave be advised of the bid date.

Parties discussed that the new rules must apply and include those who where held a position in Malvern as of November 24, 2003. Also preference is given to the PT employee’s for the M1X routes prior to being offered on regular bid.

It was agreed that the PT MSC’s would be given the rights of art 47.19 .

Meeting Adjourned.

Distribution: All Present

                    J. Gilbert, Director Metro-Toronto Delivery Ops

                    P. Mulvihill, Manager Labour Relations Central Region

                    G. Deveau, National Director, CUPW Ontario Region

                    C. Marcil, Manager Labour Relations National