Annual Leave Consultation 2004/2005
Scarborough Local and Metro Delivery OPS (East)
Held on November 19, 2003 at 280 Progress Ave.

JL. Anastasi M. Duquette
K. Thorne G. Miller
T. Kulesh
A. Kapoor
J. Connery

A package (previous year) was distributed to all present for review.

It was agreed that the process and procedure be status quo from last year.

Any employees covering a position under Art 39:07 are to bid with their substantive position i.e. employee’s will bid where they hold the position on Dec 08, 2003.

Group 1

There were some numbers missing in the Zone 6 sheets. Management will provide.

Bidding to be conducted by preferred and non-preferred staff. There will be 3 Boards – Board ‘A’ & ‘B’ for full time and Board ‘C’ for part time employees. Management will supply the lists of names by group to the Union.

- Under the heading of Anniversary date: …change the wording from fiscal year to ‘Vacation year (period Apr01, 2004 to Mar31, 2005) ...

- Under the heading Posting of Vacancies: … change the word ‘Depot’ to PO/work Area …

First round: Start - December 08, 2003.

                    Close - January 09, 2004.

Second Round: Start - January 12, 2004

                    Close - January 30, 2004.

Letter Carrier

Bidding process (1st & 2nd rounds) will commence December 08, 2003 and close on February 06, 2004.

Under the heading ‘Absences’ last paragraph: Change the word ‘fiscal year’ to

“Vacation year” …..

Under the heading Anniversary date: … change … ‘current fiscal year’ to “ Period Apr01, 2004 to Mar31, 2005” …

Under the heading Transfers 2nd paragraph: … ‘Article 19:16 (g)’ to “Collective Agreement” …


Parties discussed whether the bidding for Zone 5 should be aligned the same way as for Zones 6 and 7. It was agreed to stay with status quo as last year, pending the outcome of the Parcel Model resolution in July 2004. If there are any concerns at that time, parties agree to revisit the issues.

1st round bidding will commence on Dec 08, 2003 and close on Dec 30, 2003.

2nd round bidding will commence Jan 12, 2004 and close on Feb 06, 2004.

All the final bid results should be posted ASAP.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 PM.