Consultation Minutes
CPC ‑ Metro Toronto / CUPW ‑ Toronto and Scarborough Locals
Held on November 18, 2003
600 Commissioner St
Subject: The conversion of PT Station MSC's to FT Motorized Letter Carrier's

D. Racioppa C. McKenzie
J. Paulin S. Killy
S. Plastina M. Duquette
J. Connery B. Weir
D. Hacking
S. Chapman
S. White
L. Charles

The Corporation distributed a schedule identifying the time lines that each station in the GTA will be converted using a Plan C structure. The implementation date is for July 31, 04 to fall in line with the Parcel Delivery Model implementation. The Corporation indicated that this an interim measure, there are plans for ' A ' structures to be conducted in the future with a completion of year end 2006.

The CUPW raised several concerns, the most urgent of which was the concern with the overassessed routes in the GTA are not being alleviated in this process. Feel that this should be a consideration, an example being Malvern where there is more than 800 minutes of overassessment. Feel that at the least that a Plan '13' structure be completed at this facility. Other concerns were space issues in some facilities, Weston B given as an example, creation of new MLC's will require additional equipment in a facility already at capacity.

The Corporation responded indicating that the plan 'C ' will not address all the issues, however by going ahead with the Plan C's it aligns us with the Parcel Delivery Model and the collective agreement recognizing that the relay delivery becomes part of the letter carrier function. Will advise if we are able to complete a plan 'B' in Malvern.

The CUPW advised that some of the stations may be in a position to go ahead, request a week to review and supply to the Corporation with a list where the plan C will not be an issue. We also are requesting that the Corporation provide paid observers for each of the locations when the plan C is being conducted, it is our understanding that the Corporation is of the position that observers are not to be part of the process. The language of 47.03 is clear " ... during route restructuring ... ".

The Corporation responded that we have no issue with observers, only that we are not obligated to pay them. The language in 47.03 should be consistent with 46 " a major restructure..." It was not intended to differ.

The CUPW also requested to see the vacancies at the stn's being structured under the plan' C '.The CUPW also had a concern as to the bidding process and where the MSC's would be assigned.

The Corporation will contact Employee Adminsitration to that end. As for the biddiing process and the assignment of any MSC's this can be discussed prior to implementation at consultation. We have not looked at definite plans in this regard, our concern is with the conversion only, Operations will be included as will the CUPW when implementation is to occur.

Meeting adjourned.