Scarborough Local / Metro East Delivery
Monthly Consultation
Held November 12, 2003
280 Progress Ave

L. Anastasi M. Duquette
C. Ciallella L. Charles
L. Mellow G. Miller
J. Jeffery K. Munday
J. Connery K. Davidson

Old Business

1) Temp Employee Issues

Mgmt – requested that J. Kelly resend the names that are still outstanding in Zone 7 – our apologies as the list has been misplaced and have been unable to provide the documents .

2) WSIB Training Sessions for CPC/ CUPW representatives

Mgmt – have been advised that Lori Caruso has been in touch with Dean Roosevelt to arrange a joint session for Zone 6.

Union – request that Zone 7 also conduct a refresher course

Mgmt – will schedule

3) Appendix 16 – Lieu days

Mgmt – will supply to the Union the results of those employees submitting leave forms for lieu days, based on the available cap by stn

4) RSMC Contacts at CPC

Union – the Union raised several questions to John Jeffery, most concerned the process for the route selections where one individual holds multi routes, also questioned the process for those routes utilizing sortation only staff, how will this be considered and what options will the individuals have, further the value of the routes is a concern to most contractors, seems to be difference in actual time worked vs scheduled time- again who is going to be the contacts for these individuals come Jan.04

Mgmt – Any issues relating to the established hours of routes as received by the contractors are being addressed with the transition team. With respect to multi contract holders, once they have selected the subs on the other routes will be given an offer provided they were the regular delivering employee at the signing of the tentative agreement. Those not assigned to an established route will be placed on a priority list. To obtain a position they will be required to meet the conditions of the new collective agreement. If no positions available then no offer will be made.

5) Walk 118 – West Beaver Creek

Mgmt - On going, have not been able to meet with D. Racioppa.

Union – we have never received the new 075 for this stn, no involvement in the process .

Mgmt – this action was a result of the over assessment of routes and was in compliance with Appendix V. Recognise that the 075 should be provided. It will be discussed with Delivery Services

6) Pay Issues

Union – had asked that the agreement for resolving pay issues be typed into last months minutes , that did not occur.

Mgmt – agree, unfortunately a copy was not available at the time the minutes were completed. Ask that the Union fax a copy to J. Connery and it will be included in the minutes of this meeting

Process to resolve pay issues

Once an employee has realized that a problem exists with his/her pay they will provide a copy to the station superintendent who will contact payroll to correct the problem.

The superintendent must reply by the Friday following payday with an answer as well as return the paystub indicating when the correction can be received.

In the event that the superintendent is unable to comply with the above instructions, the employee will contact the Union office who in turn will contact the Zone Manager for resolution.

The Zone Manager is to respond to the Union no later than the Wednesday following payday with the results.

Again if the Zone Manager is unable to comply/resolve the Union will escalate the matter to the Director.

7) Parcel Model – Data Capture

Union – the working committee created a data capture form which contains all the delivery info, FSA, LDU, Street address etc, for purposes of data collection for the use to structure at a later date.

The items that are now being delivered at the stns should be captured as these will default to the model.

Mgmt – not in a position to comment, however will follow up with R. Gualtieri.

8) Additional Positions Group 1 – West Hill

Mgmt - nothing has changed since our last discussion, in fact in speaking with the individuals involved it was indicated that no delay in the opening of the wicket has occurred. Volumes of items will always dictate the opening.

Union – suggest that a regular time be established based on the normal departure time and the time required for the L.C’s to obtain their items so they can depart on time.

Mgmt – unable to determine such a schedule.

9) Unionville Walk 12

Mgmt – a package has been received at the Unionville depot. It was agreed to wait until Nov 17, 03 to start the as the ee is on annual leave.

Union – feel that there is no need to do a pre- count, not part of Art 50.

Mgmt – under Art 50 it must be demonstrated that the workload is excessive, the Corporations process to that end, commences with a count to assess any measurable changes in volume, POC etc. If this demonstrates a variance to the route at the time it was structure so then a complete evaluation is done.

10) Transfer Forms ( New Contract)

Mgmt – the forms and process are still at the national transition team level we have no new updates at this time It is still our intention to have Julie Best attend the December meeting.

11) Monthly Bid Postings ( New Contract)

Mgmt – again no updates as to the process. Such as who will be responsible. Will advise the Union at first opportunity.

New Business

1) Station Restructures / Malvern Restructure

Union – presented a draft version of a schedule for the conversion of PT MSC’s to FT MLC’s. Concern with the fact based on the schedule you are behind already. Also if the intent is to follow what is currently taking place in Malvern we will have no choice but to raise our objections and apply art 47.10 and 47.12.

The union raised the following objections: the current MSC tours are being adjusted to include a PM. delivery and or sortation duties, thus categorized as MLC’s, this is a hybrid position not an MLC. See appendix 13,pg 600 – until the new model is implemented the MSCWSS will remain unless agreed to by the Steering Committee

This stn has approx 900 mins in overassement not being considered nor is the implementation of the DRS / MM values which by the new agreement are to added when a structure take place.

Suggest that you consider a Plan b – this stn was originally scheduled due to the lack of space. The intent to remove the routes associated with M1X, which included 2 L.C., with what has been presented now no additional space will be available as you will need to keep the sortation cases for the hybrid tours.

Mgmt - have you been presented with the implementation package for review in order to apply art 47.10

Union – not as of yet, we cannot agree to this process. Hoping to raise the concern here for resolution .

Mgmt – will discuss with Delivery Services


2) Depot 11 Issues

Union – raised the following concerns;

  1. ee choosing to the flex meal period and then returning to the stn for overtime opportunities, it is our position that once they choose not to return for their meal then they have no reason to return to the station until their next shift, unless the route is portal to portal.

  2. Problems with the temperature in the stn keep to hot this is an ongoing issue

  3. Some of the ee’s were dropped off the 1st aid training schedule

  4. Staff consistently starting early at Depot 11

Mgmt - will follow-up re; the right to overtime

with respect to the heat, this is an employee issue. Constantly adjusting the thermostat. Locks were installed and these were broken.

Union – disagree that the employees are setting the temperature .

Mgmt - will make some enquires to see what is occurring.

will have the Supt complete the 452 report and submit

3) The parties discussed and agreed to the following :

Grievance hearings will be scheduled for 07:00 hrs with Zone 6,

Article 54 Issues will be discussed at 07:00 hrs for Zone 5

Zone 5 grievances will be discussed following the completion of the Art. 54 meeting, at which time Zone 6 will meet with the 54 committee.

Zone 7 grievances will be heard as required between Zone 5 and 6.


1) Parcel Delivery Model – Data Collection

Union - advised that they will be checking the RPO’s during the period the parcels are to be diverted to YDC to ensure that Maritime is not carding items destined for the MSC’s


No Issues raised

Next meeting : Wednesday Dec 10, 03 09:00 AM

Distribution : All present

                   P. Mulvihill. - Manager L.R. Central

                   G. Deveau - Director, CUPW Ontario Region

                   C. Marcil - Manager, National L.R.

                   Information Books – Scarb Local Stns

                   D. Racioppa - Manager, Delivery Support

                   J. Denbok - Manager, O.H.S. & E.

                   B. Forsey - Director, Retail Business GTA

                   L.Caruso - Officer O.H.S. & E

                   K. Mather - Officer , Employee Administration- Delivery

                   L. Wilkinson - Manager, Employee Administration