Where : OFL Building 15 Gervais Dr Parking Lot

When : Saturday Aug 22nd @ 9:30am

The Scarborough Local is looking for volunteers to do a door to door canvass of Don Valley West Conservative MP John Carmichael.

The Local would like to thank the many volunteers who assisted us on the previous canvasses. It was a huge success in various ridings with great support from the residences.

We are now focusing our attention for our last canvass before the Federal Election on Don Valley West Conservative MP John Carmichael Riding who won by only 200 votes in the last Federal Election. We must get out into the community to inform residences of Don Valley West that John Carmichael hasn’t spoken up to save this service and doesn’t deserve to be re-elected in the next Federal Election. Let’s make this MP accountable in the next Federal Election for voting in favour for removing door to door service.

These Canvasses are a huge success in the community with a lot of support from residences to keep Door to Door Delivery. The Local is making a huge impact in these ridings to try to defeat all Conservative MP’s within the Scarborough Local Federal Election Ridings. In the last Federal Election 11 of the 18 Ridings in the Scarborough Local were Conservative held. As of June polling only 3 of the 18 are leading WE ARE WINNING THIS FIGHT and NEED ALL MEMBERS TO TAKE PART AND VOLUNTEER TO PROTECT THEIR JOBS and make a difference in the next Federal Election.

Come join us on Aug 22nd @9:30am to canvass Don Valley West

In Solidarity

Derek Richmond
Save Canada Post Coordinator
3rd Vice President
Scarborough Local