February 27, 2013


Consultations have been taking place recently concerning the moves and restructures taking place on March 18, 2013. The consultations have been plagued with numerous changes from CPC, without a clear plan, and can generally be classified as “keystone cops”. The employer is not prepared, doesn’t know what they are doing and they are way behind in their deadlines, but the forces that be in Ottawa will push ahead regardless of the ability of Local Management to implement smoothly. The March 18, 2013 moves will make the moves in 2012 look good.

There will be reductions in staff in Richmond Hill, Willowdale B, Willowdale D, Willowdale Depot 3, Unionville and West Beaver Creek.

The new Brodie Drive location is a “New Section” as it did not exist previously and it will have an increase in staff, nine (9) Full Time and six (6) Part Time, for now!. Wynford Drive will increase by two (2) Part Time. These positions will be open for bidding to all employees. In total it is the loss of nineteen (19) Full Time and nine (9) Part Time

The breakdown of the changes is as follows:

Location Current FT Current PT Proposed FT Proposed PT
Richmond Hill ** 03 03 01 01
Willowdale B ** 01 06 01 01
Willowdale D ** 01 02 01 01
Willowdale Depot 3 ** 09 07 01 01
Unionville ** 09 09 02 10
West Beaver Creek ** 12 04 01 02
Wynford Drive   * N/A N/A 00 02
Brodie Drive *** / * 00 00 09 06

*** New Section          **Decrease           *Increase

Employees not obtaining a position in the reductions can expect to be sent to Gateway or Brodie. In addition, employees accommodated in these facilities in Group 1 functions will have their accommodation ended and will likely be sent home to exhaust leave provisions.

Richmond Hill ** 13.04(b) Internal Bid to stay
Willowdale B ** 13.04(b) Internal Bid to stay
Willowdale D ** 13.04(b) Internal Bid to stay
Willowdale Depot 3 ** 13.04(b) Internal Bid to stay
Unionville ** 13.04(b) Internal Bid to stay
West Beaver Creek ** 13.04(b) Internal Bid to stay
Wynford Drive   * 13.18 New Positions added, regular Monthly Bid
Brodie Drive *** / * 13.18 New Positions added, regular Monthly Bid

There have been no consultations on changes coming in April, June or July yet. The employer can only mess up one change at a time. There will be more reductions in the near future. Once there is more information available we will provide it to you.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local