December 17, 2012


Consultations took place on December 13, 2012 concerning CPC’s plans to eliminate the balance of Final Sort in the Stations in two waves, in January & March 2013. Also discussed was the movement of FSA’s and Letter Carrier Assignments in the period of March to August of 2013. These movements are massive and will impact hundreds of employees in the very near future. New information provided at these consultations concerned the moves of FSA’s and splitting of some of the current Stations / Units and movement of Letter Carriers. The list below shows the movements to come. Some movements are tied to Postal Transformation restructures being implemented in March, while others are being moved in the months after.

  • Richmond Hill RSMC’s are moving to the current Unionville installation.
  • Unionville Letter Carriers are moving to the new installation being built on Brodie Drive. This will mean the Unionville installation will be a pure RSMC operation for delivery.
  • Richmond Hill 20 and half of Thornhill will move to Brodie Drive.
  • Markham will move to Brodie Drive.
  • Willowdale Depot 2 will be split, half of it will move to 280 Progress Ave.
  • Willowdale Depot 3 will be split, half of it will move to Toronto, while the other half will move to the Willowdale 2 installation.
  • Willowdale B will be split, half of it will move to 70 Wynford Drive.
  • Whitby will move to Ajax.
  • Scarborough Depot 11 will move to a new installation on Ashtonbee Road.
  • Obviously there will be some complex bidding with locations being split, and the restructures being implemented. Depending on the situation in each case, there will be different outcomes. Further consultations are required, final notices have not been sent to the National Union yet, but this will happen in the new year. These will probably be the last physical moves in 2013, but nothing is cast in stone. Once there is more information available we will provide it to you.

    In Solidarity

    Mike Duquette
    Scarborough Local