December 13, 2011


On December 12, 2011, Consultations were held concerning the clause 29.03(b) tech change notices sent last year that will impact the Scarborough Local.

Willowdale Depot 2 will received sequenced mail January 21 2012, in the new IDC carts in the new LFT trays. CPC will be doing training in early January 2012 for LCA’s, Relief, and temps with the new equipment. CPC plans no changes to the schedules of work for the Clerks or LCA’s at this time even though mail arrival patterns will change in January. The volume count will start on February 6, 2012. When the restructure is implemented in July 2012, the employer will introduce about 50 vehicles. When employee parking was raised, the employer indicated they could remove employee parking and employees could get to work by public transit. Under the national Memorandum Of Agreement on the movement of Parcels to Letter Carriers, approximately 7 MSC’s from the YDC will participate in the bidding of walks. These MSC’s are likely to be the most junior.

A similar process will repeat itself for the other stations discussed. Ajax, Pickering and Scarborough C will get training in late January / early February, followed by other Stations. Ajax & Pickering will get Sequenced mail on February 21, 2012 and Scarborough C on March 6, 2012. Pickering is not moving and the building will have renovations prior to the restructure being implemented, as will other stations involved.

The Local will be arranging a Special Meeting in January for the employees of Willowdale Depot 2. There will be subsequent meetings for the other stations.

Once there is more information available we will provide it to you.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local