December 12, 2011


On December 8, 2011, National Consultations were held concerning the movement of the Final Sort Work to SCLPP, and the employer’s proposal to move some Scarborough Local members to SCLPP and some Toronto Local Final Sort members to Gateway.

The employer intends to move the current “Final Sort” work for the GTA to SCLPP which will be a “Letter” Plant. Gateway will be a “Flats & Parcels” Plant with some Final Sort. The work and “who goes” are two different issues, seniority should apply.

The employer did not present a proposal per say, and made general references to a MOA from Montreal which does not apply to the GTA. Montreal has one Local & one Region and it’s generally on an island with a fixed size, very different from 416 & 905 / GTA.

The Union was basically threatened with two options, sign a MOA or CPC will do what they wish, and move the Final Sort without regard to seniority. A technical issue was raised under Article 6 that the employer’s proposal to make a section in the SCLPP installation part of the East C&D / Retail Post Office violated the Article. The consultations ended with no agreement per say. The employer indicated movement of “work” of Final Sort from a station would coincide with PT implementation.

The Union is awaiting the employer’s response.

Once there is more information available we will provide it to you.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local