When : September 18th, 2011 9am-2pm

Where : Local Office – 130 Dynamic Dr


This will be a nuts and bolts course looking at Volume Counts, Edit Books, and reading your 038’s (walk packages). This will help those going into restructures to understand inside and out what will be coming in the near future to a depot near you !

What takes place during a volume count ? How does it work ?

How will my edit book impact my line of travel and sequencing of my mail ? How do I read it ?

Now we’ve been re-structured, now what ? How do I read the walk packages so I can bid ? (038’s)

Please call to register starting on Sept. 6th.

All these questions will be answered and more. Please call Cathy Beth at 416-412-1100 ext. 332 to reserve your spot. This is a first come, first accepted basis. The course will run from 9am – 2pm, and will include coffee, pop, and lunch.


In Solidarity and resistance

Cathy Beth
2nd Vice President
Scarborough Local