June 14, 2011


On Monday June 13, 2011 at 11:30 PM the Scarborough Local, Toronto Local and Montreal Local started a 24 hour rotating strike. There will be no mail delivery in the GTA from Port Credit, to Richmond Hill to Ajax.

On Friday June 10, 2011 the National Union and Canada Post met with the Minister of Labour. The Minister of Labour suggested CUPW halt rotating strikes, and that Canada Post should maintain a 5 day work week for employees. The Union raised concerns over the loss of benefits. The Union offered to suspend rotating strikes if CPC reinstated the prior contract while they negotiate. Canada Post rejected this offer from the Union. Canada Post went on to insist in cutting mail delivery and some employee’s hours, ignoring the Minister of Labour.

The employer has started a temporary drug plan with a $100 deductable per prescription, and then 80% of the balance. The employer is showing their true colours, the current working conditions in some locations are the exact demands the employer wants to impose permanently in this fight. No seniority, reduced pay/hours, and no sick leave.

Days on Strike or on Lock Out count towards Strike Pay if you picket or work in the local office, or participate in other authorized Local activities, in the days to come. Employees who were laid off who were on Modified Duties should file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, as CPC still has a duty to accommodate you on days we are not on Strike. Employees whose hours were cut, or denied sick leave should file for EI benefits immediately for days not on Strike.

National, Regional and Local officers on Union Leave have had their pay cut to four (4) hours a day, like many employees, and will lose all pay for days on strike in their own Local. Likewise annual leave and sick leave will not be paid to officers, after May 30, we are no different than you.  The Local has contacted the appropriate Police Department’s Labour Liaison officers to ensure safe and peaceful picketing is in place.

The reason we are striking on a day that CPC is not delivery 90% of the mail in the biggest locals in the country is because our dispute is with CPC and not our customers. Our actions will have the least impact on our customers.

We will return to work at the end of the 24 hour period and will follow the National Union’s strategy. We will not allow the employer or the Conservative government to dictate our Strike strategy.

On those days CPC decides that you interact with the public by serving customers or delivering mail, politely remind your customers their mail is a day late because of a CPC decision not to deliver. They can call the supervisor or the Control Centre.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local