On Friday 3rd June 2011 several workers on their scheduled annual leave were informed that as of that day they were on LEAVE WITHOUT PAY. In some instances they were told that they had the option of coming into work on Friday 3rd June if they wanted to get pay for the day. In other instances no offer was made to come into work. Annual leave which was booked since the bidding began in December 2010 was unilaterally cancelled by management.

The extent of this horror story has only begun to be revealed in the past hours. Members on six (6) weeks of annual were called back to work as of Monday 6th June 2011. In some instances phone messages were left at their homes while they were out of town on annual leave which was to continue for several weeks. There are instances where workers had travelled overseas and have been given no option concerning continuing their annual leave.

In several instances, even bereavement leave is being queried by management and members are being told that they will be off without pay during such sad times.

There are instances which have been reported to the Local of relief carriers being threatened with being sent home since their scheduled coverage of Annual leave had been pulled and they were now without assignment and not needed at work.

Sick leave has been cancelled and is now being considered as Sick Leave without Pay. There are numerous stories of members arriving at the pharmacy or for medical treatment and are being told that Great West has been instructed by CPC to cut our benefits!

These are some vivid examples of an employer which is seeking vengeance against members of the local because the union has chosen to exercise its collective right to withdraw its labour in order to bring Canada Post to its senses about the oppressive working conditions they are attempting to force on us.

Members cannot and must not let these illegal actions of management take place without responding. The best way to respond to this is by filing grievances with the Local Office with urgency. We need to file these grievances right now in order to give ourselves the only legal option which we have at our disposal to combat what can only be described as cruelty on the part of the corporation.

Rights, if the mean anything, are meant to be exercised and are not just some decoration. Choosing to exercise your right to defend your interests in the face of management’s bullying does not mean that they can treat you as they want. This is certainly not a lawless dictatorship and Canada Post and its management are certainly not above the law.

Sisters and Brothers, you have the right to grieve these injustices – exercise it and give yourself a chance to reverse these oppressive actions of Canada Post Corporation.

Learie Charles
Grievance Officer
Scarborough Local