May 30, 2011


On the morning of Monday May 30, 2011, the National Union presented the employer with an offer to settle the contract without a Strike, and has also given Canada Post and the Minister of Labour 72 hours notice for STRIKE ACTION. The Union must exercise it’s right to action within twenty four hours of the end of the 72 hour notice, or the whole process must start over.

Some kind of action will take place somewhere, somehow, in some manner on June 3, 2011. Canada Post has until 11.59 PM on Thursday June 2, 2011 to reach an agreement and come to their senses. We will fight for our sick leave, our jobs, safe jobs, and the same wages and benefits for all, we all do the same job.  Let the employer take a pay cut, they are over paid!

I am in contact with the National Director, the Local Office is now 24/5, Picket Captains and Stewards must contact the office to get signs, kits, and Barrels. Port-a-potties are in place at 280 Progress and YDC. Bulletins will be distributed daily.  

Next time the Executive are in front of your workplace or there is a picket line, it’s on!

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local