April 26th 2011


On Monday 18th April 2011 management began breaking up the Parcel Project which, in 2004, brought back dozens of full time jobs to the YDC.

Management is beginning a process of taking the parcels away from the YDC distribution hub and placing them in the letter carrying stations where they will be distributed by letter carriers.

On 18th April 2011 all the duties of LOOP “P” and part of the duties of LOOP “L” YDC tours were moved to Don Mills, Station ‘O’ and Station ‘R’ located at 70 Wynford Drive. Because of this full and part time assignments at the YDC have been reduced.

This new restructure, therefore, has nothing but uncertainty in store for the scores of MSCs and PO-4s working at the YDC. In essence, management has increased the amount of work being assigned to MSCs on a daily basis without giving the necessary time values to accomplish this work.

Management is taking no measures to correct the “mistakes” pointed out by the union. They have instead given you these assignments full of mistakes hoping that you will live with them and not complain and that you will use your own innovation and skill, endanger your own and the public’s safety and accomplish the assigned tasks in impossible time.

It is important for all MSCs to be vigilant. Our observers have caught many efforts by management to impose additional work on the restructured tours without the appropriate time values to accomplish this work.

The local has already grieved this matter to have an arbitrator throw out the restructure and have it redone.

In this situation all MSCs must be on the alert to these traps structured into their tours. The Local is saying to all members that they must exercise caution and scrutinise their duties.

More important they must bring the problems associated with the accomplishing of their daily duties to management’s attention. They must do so daily or as often as possible and not take it upon themselves to solve the problems which management is refusing to properly address.

Workers should follow the best practices and the structured delivery methods outlined. They should not take it upon themselves to accomplish the impossible for management.

Sisters and brother at the YDC, scrutinise carefully all the duties which are on your assignment.

The local officers will be available to assist you in making your complaints to management about this restructure. If management refuses to address your issues do not hesitate to file grievances on the issues.

Learie Charles
Grievance Officer,
Scarborough Local C.U.P.W.