April 18, 2011


Sisters and Brothers of Don Mills, Station “O” and Station “R”,

Today management is beginning a deliberate and planned assault on your health and safety with the implementing of the restructure at your three stations.

They have brought into your stations the parcels normally done my MSCs at the YDC who performed daily duties in your areas.

They have restructured your routes and given you, on average, many more points of call to deliver within the same 8 hour time frame.

Overall, management is expecting you to deliver more mail with a smaller workforce and have gone ahead and cut the number of walks in each station.

In addition management has not put in place the required staff needed to prepare the work for you. There is need for additional staff to perform the duties here in Don Mills, Station “O” and Station “R”.

Today the stations have been flooded with TERM employees. But this week is just the beginning of this exercise. In time the terms will soon be gone and the carriers will be expected to move the same volume of mail as is being moved today by the additional workers.

This whole exercise is not a mistake or some unforeseen problem. The issues were predicted from the beginning of the restructure exercise last year.  Still management has done nothing to eliminate known problems arising from this restructure. They have had the example of Depot 11 and Station D where similar problems took place with the implementation of recent restructures. These problems continue to this day.

Expect more of the same as of today – long hours away from your families, more forced backs, excessive work and so on. Canada Post does not care about your health and safety to be putting in this kind of restructure. They know full well what will be adverse consequences for you and for your families.

The CUPW has taken the problems of this restructure directly to management and they have ignored what we have had to say and gone ahead with the exercise, broken the agreement between the parties and done their own thing without considering your health and safety.

The union has filed a grievance on the matter, and it is well on the way to be heard before a fast track arbitrator. We have said to management that they must scrap this restructure and do over the exercise in a proper manner and make routes which can be done without carriers having to daily work overtime, carry excessive loads and endanger their health and safety.

While these matters are being sorted out the union is calling on you to not allow your health and safety to be compromised by management. You have every right to do your duties in a safe and secure manner without being overburdened.



Learie Charles