February 10, 2011


On February 8 2011, Canada Post sent a Technological Change Notice [known as a 29.03(b) Notice] impacting the Scarborough Local. There will be job losses at Markham, Unionville and the YDC.

Markham and Unionville will start receiving sequenced mail November 7, 2011. A volume count will happen in early 2012, and in June 2012 the restructure will be implemented.  Parcels / work will be removed from the YDC and sent to Markham & Unionville, Markham will move, and the stations will have the full blown Postal Transformation. This will include sequenced mail, two waves of carriers sharing a case, PDT Assisted Sort, and all new equipment, 255 Depot Carts alone.  The Final sort and DRS work will move back to the plants, but not the employees.

The impact on employees is basically a reduction in MSC’s and P04’s at the YDC, and a reduction in LC’s and P04’s in Markham and Unionville, in June 2012. There will be a loss of approximately of 40-60 jobs in both Group 1, Group 2, and RSMC’s at Markham, Unionville and YDC as a result. There was no information on Group 1 at the YDC, or the RSMC’s in the notice. The numbers provided by Canada Post in the notice of existing staff are not correct, so it is hard to determine the exact impact and how it breaks down into Full Time or Part Time. The notice does not take into account mail volume changes.

I can not tell you what will happen to the employees, until after the Collective Agreement is settled. There are demands from the employer to weaken our seniority and job security provisions. Only after we have a contract will we know the rules.

There are National Consultations on February 14, 2011 and representatives from the Local will be attending.

There will be future bulletins, consultations and special meetings as events unfold.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local