January 31, 2011


In September 2010 Canada Post implemented a change to the routes serviced by this location. Since then the mail has been delivered late in the day, or not at all for a week or two. Employees are ordered to work up to 12 hour days, and still can not deliver all the mail. Employees are working through breaks and lunches, they don’t want to work 12 hours a day five days a week.

Mail volumes are up since last year as the economy recovers, but there was a 20% reduction in staff.

Your recent problems will become the normal. Eugene Knapik, the Canada Post Representative was quoted in the Toronto Star as saying:

“The changes we are making are not small — or even popular,” he wrote in an email. “In fact, we have not made changes like this to our network in over 40 years. But they are crucial and must be done now because our customers and markets are changing more rapidly than ever before.”

The information for the Member of Parliament for the areas impacted is listed below if you wish to voice your concerns.

We want to deliver your mail everyday and on time. We apologize to you as customers, but we are not responsible for decisions by management that impact your service.

Yours Truly

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

MP Michelle Simson (Lib—Scarborough Southwest)
Tel: 416-261-8613
Fax: 416-261-5268
Email: Simson.M@parl.gc.ca