January 31, 2011


On January 31 2011, the Urban Collective Agreement expires. It is extended by agreement and law until a new one is signed, or until the employer locks us out or we go on strike. Our goal is a contract without a strike, but at what price.

Negotiations are dismal to say the least; the Union has applied to the Minister of Labour for Conciliation to start right away. CPC Negotiators are reluctant to meet and refuse to work weekends or extra hours to get a contract.

We are asking you today to take a collective break together at 8.00 AM to show your support of our rights and each other. We make this company what it is, we are responsible for its profits year after year, not the Deepak Chopra’s of the world.

The employer wants to eliminate seniority in staffing positions, cut sick pay drastically, cut annual leave, hike your premiums for benefits, and cut your pension. In effect, returning to the working conditions of the 1960’s.

Given the situation in negotiations and the application for Conciliation, the parties could be in a lock out / strike situation by this May.

We need to demonstrate to the employer that we will not just rollover and let them take away things we have fought for in the past on picket lines.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local