June 3, 2010


On June 2, 2010 National Consultations were held with the employer at Gateway with the Scarborough Local, Ontario Region, Toronto Local, Toronto Region and National Officers concerning the Technological Change notice for the GTA, and another one for the Y.D.C.

Things have changed since the last meeting in May, and will again, they don’t seem to have a well thought out or coordinated plan, typical CPC.

New VES[1] machines are being introduced at SCLPP and an officer will attend an overview meeting on June 21, 2010. The installation of the MLOCR’s[2] is proceeding as planned and we were provided with a power point showing the refitting of SCLPP. There were lengthy discussions on the MLOCR’s, and the LMFA[3] pilot, and issues impacting SCLPP. We were able to view, inspect and handle the new Letter Flat Tray (LFT) to be introduced when your station is sequenced.

The Scarborough Local raised numerous issues around the restructures of the YDC, Don Mills, Toronto O and Toronto R. At the last National Consultations in May, CPC indicated the restructures were proceeding as planned. The local has been notified by an e-mail that the volume counts are off, but virtually nothing else. No group 1 impact has been provided to either Local, notices have not been provided indicating a change in the restructures. There have been no notices under clauses 6.05 or 29.03(b) advising of these changes. CPC is currently having public meetings about Toronto R Retail being closed. None of the information requested at the last consultations has been provided. When repeatedly asked, what is going on with the 300 - 400 employees involved, CPC sat there like a deer in the headlights. They will get back to us at the next National Consultations on June 21, 2010.

Health and Safety issues with the new EFM[4] at the YDC and clearing the jams were raised.

There were also National Consultations on the new NCRS[5] being introduced at the YDC. The NRCS is basically an upgrade to the existing Tag & Tally workstations that print shipping labels, introducing touch screens, industrial computers and “live” access to CPC data.

CPC recently indicated at National Consultations in Ottawa that the RSMC’s in Etobicoke B will have their mail sequenced.

You can expect regular updates after major consultations.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

[1] VES = Video Encoding Suite

[2] MLOCR = Multi Line Optical Character Reader

[3] LMFA = Letter Mail Feeder Assist

[4] EFM = Edger Facing Machine

[5] NRCS = National Routing Card System