May 27, 2010

Moya Greene Resigns!
No Victory for Postal Workers!

On May 27, 2010 CPC announced that CEO Moya Greene has resigned to take the CEO position at Britain’s Royal Mail. At the same time Royal Mail announced a new CEO. The regime in Canada will end July 14, 2010.

This change, while appealing at first blush, will have very little impact on the events of the next few years. Modern Post is still coming to your workplace at some point, though not until late 2011 in Scarborough Local, unless something changes, and it will. There will still be a very tough round of bargaining starting in the fall of 2010, and conflict next year. Manulife is still the Health Care Provider, and the supervisor in your station is still the same XXXX.

CEO’s are like intellectual prostitutes, CEO’s at these levels move around for power and money, they come and go. It would be safe to say her increase in pay will compensate her for the loss of her CTI payment. Some people are willing to sell their mind to the highest bidder, while we sell 40 hours of our labour for the wage we make.

She will be replaced; another CEO from somewhere else will come in, stay a little while, and then move on. We on the other hand, maintain a relationship with CPC until we retire, we are loyal. We make this company run, not a CEO or the supervisor at the end of the aisle.

Having met her a few times, I was concerned about the future for postal workers, can’t say I am sad to see her leave. Don’t be fooled into thinking we won the battle ahead in 2011, and Modern Post, when she quit.

The contract fight in 2011 has already started. You are on the front line; Moya Greene the new CEO is not your friend.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

From: HO, Emp Comms

Sent: May 27, 2010 11:34 AM

To: HO, Emp Comms

Subject: An Important Announcement from Marc Courtois, Chairman of the Board, Canada Post / Un communiqué important de Marc Courtois, président du Conseil d'administration de Postes Canada

An Important Announcement from Marc Courtois, Chairman of the Board, Canada Post

Audience: All employees

I wish to announce that Moya Greene will leave her post as President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post, effective July 14, 2010. Moya has resigned in order to accept the position of Chief Executive Officer with the Royal Mail in the United Kingdom.

While we are sorry to lose Moya, she leaves Canada Post extremely well placed to face the future. Among Moya’s accomplishments are the $2-billion Postal Transformation program; the significant increase in annual Employee Engagement scores; and other improvements in safety, on-time delivery, reduced absenteeism and increased automation. These improvements have led, despite the declining use of traditional mail and a recession in 2009, to five consecutive profitable years since her arrival at Canada Post. I think Moya will agree with me that the Royal Mail’s interest in her reflects very positively on Canada Post as a whole and the way our company is viewed by its peers.

In the short term, our Canada Post Board of Directors will work as quickly as possible to appoint an interim Chief Executive Officer. We are also immediately launching a full-scale search – in collaboration with our shareholder the Government of Canada – for a new Chief Executive Officer. In the meantime, we feel we are very much on the right track with the strategic direction for the company that the Board has already approved – and we are confident in the ability of our very strong existing senior management team and the people at Canada Post to achieve those objectives. On behalf of myself and of the Board, I look forward to working with all of you in this regard. I would also like to wish Moya every success in her future endeavours.