May 11, 2010


On May 10, 2010 National Consultations were held with the employer at Gateway with the Scarborough Local, Ontario Region, Toronto Local, Toronto Region and National Officers concerning the Technological Change notice for the GTA.

As things are in so much flux, at every meeting there are changes and new information, this meeting was no different.

Three of the new MLOCR[1] machines by Toshiba will be operational at SCLPP on July 26, 2010 and the mail for Adelaide will be sequenced for the current walks in place. The facility will move in the fall and a month later the new restructure goes in. Sequencing the mail before introducing the new delivery model with motorization and parcels, allows them to test the edit book and their other systems.

One MLOCR will sort the Adelaide mail, the other two will sort in BCS[2] mode, so to speak. An additional MLOCR will be operational every two weeks after until a total of 56 are installed in SCLPP (40) and Gateway (16). The impact of these machines will ultimately reach as far as Orangeville, Newmarket and Oshawa. The goal for Adelaide is 100% motorization with sequencing. Other stations could be sequenced without motorization in the downtown core(s), and those routes could have 6 hours walking.

New 29.03(b) Tech Changes notices have been sent on a Container Handling System and CPC is moving some FSM[3]’s from SCLPP to Gateway. CPC has provided a tentative list of sites to be sequenced in early 2011, none in Scarborough Local, at this time.

The restructure of the YDC, Don Mills, Toronto O and Toronto R will proceed as scheduled, the YDC will lose 15 tours plus about 7 relief. The MSC vehicles will move from the YDC to the new Don Mills site. When repeatedly asked, what will happen to the displaced MSC’s, in the fall of 2010, CPC did not have an answer, and would get back to us. Attrition?  Your truck is gone, your assignment is gone, your junior, waiting for a senior employee to leave?

A Special Meeting for YDC employees has been arranged for May 18, 2010 at 07:00 PM to 9:30 PM to provide members of this facility an over view of what is coming in the next couple of years.

                Flippers Fish House
                2300 Lawrence Ave E. at Kenedy
                North West Corner in the Mall, by the Beer Store

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

[1] Multi Line Optical Character Reader

[2] Bar Code Sorter

[3] Flat Sorting Machine