May 6, 2010


The Moya Greene Road Show is coming to 280 Progress Ave.; last year she visited West Beaver Creek and recently the YDC Parcel Hub. The message she brings is that you have too many injuries, you have too much annual leave, you have preretirement leave, you have too much sick leave, and you don’t work very hard. Her solution is Postal Transformation; which will cut thousands of jobs across the country, including at least 25 % of the carriers and 75% of the clerks at 280 Progress by the end of 2013 at the latest.

Scarborough D and Depot 11 are currently under going restructures, with heavy losses expected. Scarborough D will lose about 10 walks and 2 Relief, Depot 11 will lose at least twice that amount, and that’s without sequencing! Moya will assure you that no one will lose their jobs, attritions and firings will take care of that. If you’re still around when the dust settles you will be delivering for 7 hours a day or on the night shift in a plant, but you won’t lose your job (sic).

While the polished show gives an insight into the plans, the private meetings are more telling. No relief – use forced overtime, release the article 54 employees, roll back human rights legislation, yearly physicals for employees to maintain employment, and the list goes on. If we lose our struggle, she will be ruthless.

The next couple of years will be the hardest in decades; we will have to fight to maintain as many jobs as we can. That will only happen if we stick together and we don’t get fooled by Moya and friends.

Wear the “Let’s Stick Together” sticker, support the carriers losing their routes, and send a message.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local