January 21, 2010


On January 19, 2010, the National Employer sent the National Union what is called a clause 29.03(b)[1] notice advising of a “Technological Change” impacting employees in the Scarborough, Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal locals. Massive changes are coming!



In May 2010, an Edger Facer Machine (EFM) machine will be installed at the YDC. An EFM is similar to a CFC machine for those who have worked in Plants in the past. There is no proposed increase in staffing for Groups 1, 3, or 4.

In the summer of 2010 simultaneous restructures will start at the Y.D.C. and Don Mills (Don Mills and Station O). This will result in a reduction of an estimated 15.5 MSC routes and 4 Relief MSC’s. There is no information on the impact on Group 1 employees at this time.

After this, a continual series of restructures will continue and will move parcels, commercial pickups, SLB clearances and RPO clearances to stations, in a slow elimination of most current work at the YDC. This will impact all staff.

Don Mills

In the summer of 2010, Don Mills and Toronto “O” will commence a restructure, and will be motorized, and given PM Pickups, PM SLB clearances, RPO clearances and will have PM LC routes either PT or FT like Unionville or Scarborough Depot 4 respectively.

The reductions as a result of motorizing most routes into “Park and Loop” will be offset by the importing of 19 FTE from the YDC and will see an increase of 3.5 LC routes for the current Don Mill employees. FTE (Full Time Equivalent) does not provide sufficient information on the ratio of PT to FT, 10 PT or 5 FT equates to 5 FTE. It should be also noted, YDC MSC’s are scheduled for a 10 hour Monday at straight time rates, and 7 hours Tuesday to Friday at straight time rates, due to volumes and to maintain the maximum number of FT jobs.

Toronto “R” will be moving into the new site also and will become part of the Scarborough Local. At this time, Willowdale “B” will not move to the new Don Mills site.

The Bilingual Don Mills retail operation will move to the new site, along with all other existing Group 1 staff. The Toronto “R” Group 1 employees will be absorbed in Toronto.


While not part of the Scarborough Local, it will be the first GTA location to get slaughtered by sequencing of mail. The numbers projected are an idea of what is to come to Scarborough. Currently the FTE for Group 2 is 56, carriers, relief and LCA/DRS, and the projected FTE is 43 not including Bar chart added relief. There is a projected decrease in Group 1 staff also.


This location will lose a projected 88 FT group 1 positions and 40 PT positions, in round 1.


Montreal and Hamilton are also getting hit hard. Throughout the notice a couple of common themes emerge, these changes will continue, reductions will continue, new projects will start and CPC does not have to provide National notice or apply Article 29, but they include such minor changes as an FYI in letters.

The employer has also indicated some other changes that may be coming. Changes to the structure of Post Offices, Sections and Units under clause 6.05 which may or may not impact our Local. If the reductions exceed attrition, it may trigger Article 53, and most likely will in some sites. There are vague references to the consolidation of RTS and DRS duties and the impact on sites. There are vague references to the consolidation of Final Sort duties and impact on sites, in line with the sequencing of mail.

We have only received the notice and had brief discussions with the East C&D employer at a previously scheduled meeting.

We will keep you informed as soon as we get information and consult with the employer. In the near future we will be arranging meetings for stations in a location close to your workplace to discuss issues impacting your work and life.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local

[1] 29.03        Notice

When the Corporation is considering the introduction into any sector of the Canadian postal system of a technological change:

        (a)        the Corporation agrees to notify the Union as far as possible in advance of its intention and to update the information provided as new developments arise and modifications are made;

        (b)        the foregoing notwithstanding, the Corporation shall provide the Union, at least one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days before the introduction of a technological change, with a detailed description of the project it intends to carry out, disclosing all foreseeable effects and repercussions on employees.