November 3, 2009


The Association of Postal Officials of Canada (A.P.O.C.) has a new Collective Agreement (sic) with Canada Post. The major gain in their Collective Agreement is a strengthen statement that they are part of the C.P.C. team! There are other smaller gains that we’ve had for years.

To achieve this goal they only had to give up a few minor things, which you will be asked to give up in 2011.

  • Elimination of the seventh (7th) week of Annual Leave, unless you are already entitled.
  • Elimination of Pre-Retirement Leave, unless you are already entitled.
  • IOD’s will only receive the WSIB payments, no more top up to 100% of your wage.
  • Retirees will pay 100% of their benefit plans instead of the current plan.
  • Reduced Pension Plans
  • Some employees have their pay reduced/red circled due to changes in classifications.
  • An A.P.O.C. member with 25 years of service who needs 35 years of service to retire will, lose approximately 13 weeks off, 30% of their wages if injured, pay 300% more for retirement benefits on a reduced pension which is no longer guaranteed as it is today. But they did get a nice letter saying they are part of Moya’s team!

    Last year P.S.A.C. went on strike to try and preserve their benefits and fight these cutbacks. A.P.O.C. opted for binding arbitration with a process called “Final Offer Selection”, tactically a very bad move, as can be seen in the results. You are fooling yourself if you think these rollbacks are not going to be on the Bargaining Table in 2011 with the C.U.P.W. Collective Agreement.

    The contract fight in 2011 has already started.  Are you willing to give up $12,000.00 in leave and an undetermined amount in your pension, for a feel good letter from Moya?


    In Solidarity

    Mike Duquette
    Scarborough Local