October 21, 2009


On Wednesday October 21, 2009, the Local met with the employer to consult on a Y.D.C. restructure. This restructure will start on October 26, 2009, with an implementation in March 2010 if all goes well.  This will have a major impact on all the employees at the Y.D.C.; MSC’s and Clerks, and other Locations! There will not be a sampling exercise to look at the values; the employer will use current Parcel Volumes.

The employer will be eliminating Parcel Delivery in Loop A, but will maintain the Pickup portion of the tours. The Parcel Delivery in Loop A will be returned to the Ajax and Pickering Letter Carrier Stations. This will trigger a restructure of some of the routes in these stations. The employer was unsure if the Y.D.C. Group 1 Clerks will be impacted at this time, as the decision on were Loop A parcels will be sorted, Y.D.C. or Gateway has not been made yet. This will also impact the LCA’s and Clerks in Ajax and Pickering with increased volumes.

At this time it would appear the Y.D.C. will lose FT MSC’s and have an increase in PT MSC’s, this could alter the Relief compliment also.

This is part of “Postal Transformation”, Moya Greene’s vision of the future. The employer intends to motorize as many LC walks as possible and eliminate as many MSC’s as possible over the next couple years. As Letter Carriers sort less mail and have more delivery time with a vehicle, they can deliver a Parcel cheaper than an MSC. The employer is conveniently using the down turn in the economy as an excuse to eliminate jobs. The employer is implying the economy will never recover, or they do not have the skills to recover their own business losses. I believe the economy will recover. Unfortunately CPC has the unfettered right to mismanage the Corporation under Article 2.01.

The Local will have employer paid observers starting October 26, 2009 at the YDC. It is important to co-operate with the observers. Your job and tour depend on it. The employer is out to cut your job; the Local is attempting to save the gains made from the contracting in of the Parcels from Maritime Ontario.

The employer has not consulted on the impact on Ajax and Pickering at this time. It is likely, similar reductions at the YDC will occur in conjunction with Station restructures over the foreseeable future.

The contract fight in 2011 has already started. You are on the front line; Moya Greene is not your friend.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local