June 26, 2008

Burgers with the Boss!

Yum, free burgers today,
Free? I ask, some one has to pay.
No! Its free cause Moya’s our friend
Moya Greene? she’ll be our end.

I bet there were free burgers at Bombardier,
Now they’ve learned, and had to pay
Thru loss of profit share, jobs, and money,
There’s no way you can think this is funny.

Now CN Rail had issues, it true
Before Moya got there and made them blue
Thru safety cuts and rollbacks
It became apparent they were under attack!

An insidious plan called privatization
Another new way to derail our nation.
Trust us, really, it’s for the best
As a part of Canada is laid to rest.

Deregulation of airlines
Canadian companies in decline
Loss of jobs, increased fare,
Yes its true, Greene was there!

Modernization of your post
Reduction in jobs, something to boast?
Mental Health, her cause of choice
But not ours, we have no voice.

The newest scheme is Manulife
Causing us grief and strife.
Noncompliance interviews
Makes us all sit and stew.
Now she’s on Tim Horton’s board,
Directing them, shoring up her hoard,
While RSMC’s subsidize gas
She is seeming to be more crass.
Used to be flyers in 3 days
Now its pink, blue and orange,
Well everyone knows that nothing rhymes with orange,
And there is no such thing as a free burger either.