February 14, 2008


How your Management gets paid

The employer determines a “Unit” by notices to the National Union and has complete control over the boundaries of a “Unit”. A “Unit” is reflected by a Letter Carrier restructure document called an O75. At the West Beaver Creek “Installation” there are two (2) Units, Thornhill and Richmond Hill Depot 20. The situation at West Beaver Creek, multiple units in an installation is similar to the 280 Progress Avenue “Installation” which has six (6) “Units” in the building.

The filling of assignments in a restructure, annual leave selections and relief assignments is based on the “Unit. In the past, the employer has implemented minor restructures to Thornhill and Richmond Hill Depot 20 separately, and the bidding/impact was by the “Unit” and not by the installation. The employer does not have to restructure Thornhill and Richmond Hill Depot 20 at the same time but in this case both are being done at the same time.

During the consultations on the restructures, there was a problem with the A62 cases in Richmond Hill Depot 20, and implementing Thornhill in January 2008 and Richmond Hill Depot 20 at a latter date was discussed, but the Group 1 sortation was combined.

Also during the consultations on the restructures the combined or separate bidding was discussed. If CPC combined the O75’s the station would bid as one “Unit”, if left separate, the bid was by each “Unit” / ”O75”. CPC declined to combine the O75’s for a couple of reasons.

The number of supervisors in a “Unit” is based on the number of CUPW employees in the “Unit”. The “level/rate of pay” of the Superintendent (and those above) is based on the number of supervisors and consequently the number of “Units” in an installation. If CPC combined the “Units”/”O75’s”, there could be a reduction in the number of supervisors and a decrease in pay to the APOC and MGT staff.  

The employer was faced with a decision, combine the O75’s and positively impact the CUPW Corporate Team Incentive (CTI), or keep them separate, retain APOC jobs and maintain/increase their own wages and their personal CTI’s.

The employer is not your friend. The Employer is disingenuous when asking for you to perform for the best interests of the Corporation in reducing wages/costs, while the MGT makes decisions that benefits themselves personally but are not in the best interests of the Corporation as a whole.

In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local