July 17, 2007



Canada Post Corporation has dumped its prior medical service provider Medisys and has given a five year contract to Manulife. Medisys provided this service for 10 years, but its contract was not renewed as Manulife submitted a lower bid. A lower bid generally means reduced and inferior services. Manulife is not prepared or equipped to deal with the CPC workload and the transition has not been smooth. Manulife is not attending Article 54 meetings and is not providing the hands on assistance that Medisys used to provide for the safe and early return to work. Medisys has been replaced with a 1-800 number.

Manulife has recently sent out generic medical release forms to employees who are not at work, on modified duties, already accommodated, have active WSIB claims or are in the Article 54 process. These medical releases request you surrender all your medical records from your date of birth for all medical issues to date and continuing, even if it has nothing to do with your employment.

This has been raised at the National and Regional levels of the Union with the Employer and the answers from CPC and Manulife are not satisfactory to say the least.

The position of the Union is that you should not sign the “fishing expedition forms” being sent out by Manulife (copy attached). I have attached a sample letter which you should send to Manulife if you receive this form. In addition you should inform the Local and submit a grievance form for this intrusion of your privacy and to cover yourself for future actions by Manulife or CPC.


In Solidarity

Mike Duquette
Scarborough Local